Are you interested in becoming a meditation teacher?

The beanddo modern meditation teacher-training programme is aimed at inspired people who would like to incorporate meditation practice and its benefits into their profession and place of work, as well as their wider community.

Joining this teacher training programme will also help deepen and expand your self practice too. During the course, you will dive into the eight ‘Make Happy Work’ modules designed by beanddo founder and architect, Mick Timpson.

The beanddo approach emphasises opening up to our natural inner resources for wellbeing. The beanddo technique is aimed directly at applying the technology and benefits of meditation to daily life.

As Mick says:

Just as there is an art and science for designing the outer world for our benefit there is also an art and science for designing our inner world the way we want it. It’s called meditation. When practiced thoroughly and consistently, real change is possible. We can empower our inner architect.

Learning to ‘be’ and ‘do’

With meditation practice we can learn to merge ‘being’ and ‘doing’ together in the moment. This experience of ‘optimal presence’ in action results in a more accurate perception of one’s self and one’s relationship to the world. The result is a deeper awareness of being fully alive in the here and now, leading to a profound and persistent increase in wellbeing, insight, creativity and health.

Helping others nurture and build this optimal presence and experience through meditation is a process, not a destination. It requires thoughtful, open, creative and insightful teaching. If this sounds like you and you feel compelled to help others thrive in the world, then join our mission to help make happy work.

Course Information

The beanddo Make Happy Work Teacher Training is a 100-hour course, accredited by the Society of Holistic Therapists and Coaches.






It includes:

  • 70 hours of direct in person teaching. This is delivered over 10 days, once a month
  • Recorded self-practice
  • Written assignments
  • Teaching experience

You will receive:

  • A copy of the Make Happy Work Teacher Training Handbook
  • A copy of Mick’s book Making Happy Work. A beginners guide to navigating the modern world with meditation.
  • On-line support and check-ins
  • Log sheets and journal to record your journey
  • A monthly one to one online session with your beanddo teacher trainer
  • Teaching scripts for the beanddo eight-week make happy modern meditation course.
  • Meditation downloads and framework practice scripts
  • Professional 100 hour certification to teach meditation

This course is a powerful journey of change that provides you with the tools to help yourself and others to live a more skilful, creative and happier life.

Read about the teacher training experience of Cath one of our latest beanddo graduates here…

In terms of cost we have two options: 

Option 1 –

£100 On Application

£3260 Payable 6 Weeks Before Course Starts

Total Payable  – £3360

Option 2 –

£100 On Application

£1000 Payable 6 Weeks Before Course Starts

10 Monthly Instalments of £236

Total Payable – £3460

IMPORTANT. The beanddo TTC only admits a maximum of 10 students. To secure your place please click on the Deposit button and complete the beanddo application form.

Reserve your place here. Deposit £100.00

The beanddo Modern Meditation Teacher Training Programme is arranged across 10 Modules – one Saturday/month so that you can plan ahead. 

Dates for 2020

MM 1   14 March

MM2     18 April

MM3     9 May

MM4     20 June

MM5     11 July

MM6     8 August

MM7     12 September

MM8     10 October

MM9     14 November

MM10   12 December

Typical beanddo Teacher Training Day

Each of the 10 day sessions will be organised as follows:

10.00am Tea & Check-In

10.30am Core texts/teachings/practice

12.30pm Lunch

1.15pm Main Module Introduction

2.00pm Module teaching content

4.00pm Discussion/summing up

4.30 Final meditation/relaxation

5.00pm Depart

Read about the teacher training experience of Cath one of our latest beanddo graduates here…

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Be an Architect of Change

Learn to teach modern meditation with beanddo

“The beanddo meditation teacher training was perfect.

I was looking to develop my meditation practice, dive deep into what meditation is and then hopefully share following the training. I gained all of this and much, much more. The beanddo training is generous in providing lots of quality and accessible information and supporting tools.

Above all it has a most amazing teacher in Mick. Honest, supportive and a natural teacher, Mick’s knowledge is vast and the way he imparts it with care and a gentle humour is invaluable.

I now have a regular meditation practice, which connects through my daily life, I feel well equipped to teach meditation and take my journey forward, thank you!”

– Sarah C. Graduate beanddo meditation teacher 201