Talks and Conferences

At beanddo we live what we do and love to talk about it.

We are always ready to share with any audience how we help others make a difference in their lives, communities and organisations.  

We are thrilled to contribute to workshops, seminars, exhibitions  and conferences. Our talks are always informative, engaging and fun. We also like to include a ‘live’ modern meditation taster. Recent talks in sectors such as design, legal services, digital tech, wellbeing and health, human resources, education, planning and economics etc. 

Mick talking in Mumbai about empowering creativity and flow

Briony talking at BrightonSEO about mastering your mindset with modern meditation Read Briony’s blog here 

It was my delight to hear Briony talk about mindsets and meditation! Beginning to practice meditation is perhaps the single best decision I ever made. It was great to hear some wisdom from a meditation teacher.
- Matt F.