Upcoming Events

We run regular Modern Meditation courses and workshops, as well as retreats. The core beanddo team are based in Manchester, UK, but we travel both nationally and internationally to help spread awareness and support our mission of making happy work.

Our experienced team also speak at a variety of events and conferences on the topics of wellbeing, creativity, mental health and productivity. Explore the events in our calendar, feel free to sign up to our email updates or get in touch with the team with any questions. If you have any ideas for an event you are running that we could speak at, or an opportunity to collaborate, or run a course with your organisation or team, we would love to hear from you.

I remember the tears of joy after our first meditation session and I knew you had given me something special. Thanks for guiding us all to the the bliss Mick. How beautiful!
- Jenny W
I attended your ‘Secret of Yoga’ session at the International Yoga Festival. I just wanted to tell you I thought it was incredible. I came to try and tell you afterwards but someone else was talking to you for a while. I have never experienced meditation so deep and intense. I really liked how you were reminding us to ‘Stay there’, it really helped me to stay focused throughout. The lady next to me also said the same thing. Thanks for spreading your techniques! I wish you all the best with beanddo
- Eleanor
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