Join beanddo in Portugal June 2022

Empower your Inner Architect™

Discover how to create new possibilities in your relationships, work, family and community. 

When? June 4 - 11, 2022

Where? The Silver Coast, Nazaré, Portugal.

Join us for a 6 day celebration of yoga, meditation and self-discovery! Come relax, play and explore your inner and outer world in a stunning setting on the Silver Coast in Nazaré, Portugal.

This idyllic setting, steeped in nature, is where you will be staying on our beanddo retreat. We will have the whole Quinta Cabeco da Moita retreat site to ourselves. Join us on this relaxing break away to connect in, recharge and discover that beautiful place of calm and tranquillity within.

The retreat includes beanddo Modern Meditation, physical yoga, breathing and relaxation (suitable for all levels) combined with established and empirically supported mind-set practices and exercises to promote, direct and enhance your innate emotional and creative intelligence in order to help “Make Happy Work”.

Cost: £750.00 / person

(Price held from this year to 2022)

About the beanddo retreat – YOU are the Architect!

At the retreat you will begin to uncover your innate ability to design and create your life experience in the way you envision it to be? To fully shape your own experience and manifest every moment from your true authentic self – your inner architect™

As an inner architect you learn to continually affirm this new reality via newly shaped and transformed cognitive skills – attention, attitude, awareness and action.

With practice this field becomes a real and constant force for change within you, so that moment by moment you discover your real and authentic self, resting at the core of you.

The nearer you approach this centre and make it your home you will find greater control of mind, body, action and circumstances combined with a deeper felt connection to what you do and where you are.

You will enter right into the heart of your life and flow. Purpose will unfold as you become one with the creative power at the core of everything.

YOU are the architect!

Be part of the consciousness revolution.

Build Back Better with beanddo – 2022

The Retreat venue

The retreat venue is located just 5 minutes drive from the traditional fishing village and popular seaside resort of Nazare’ on the Atlantic Silver Coast. There will be swimming in the sea and evening beach meditation. 

beanddo Inner Architect and Modern Meditation trainer Anna volunteered to test the sea temperature for us…