Introduction to Modern Meditation with beanddo

Science is now confirming that a consistent daily meditation practice is one of the best things you can do for yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and the world. 

You can read more about the benefits of Modern Meditation here…

If you would like to know how to make these changes for yourself, by design, we offer a unique two-part Modern Meditation course introducing the art & science of wholeness, resilience, creativity and wellbeing. Whether this is your first experience with meditation or you’re a seasoned practitioner, week-by-week, a beanddo trained Inner Architect will gently guide you towards how you can use Modern Meditation to redesign your world from the inside out. You will learn how to stop and relax purposefully, guide your attention, change your perspective and manage your mind towards knowing a deeper conscious awareness and insight that will unleash your ability to change, grow and thrive in the world. 

The day-to-day practical application of Modern Meditation is central to the beanddo approach. The course combines current research with ancient wisdom, so that you can develop the limitless possibilities gained in meditation into something that flows into your daily life.

The course will explain:

  • The underlying structure, techniques and practice of Modern Meditation
  • How the transformative power of Modern Meditation will open you up to real and lasting change
  • How to shift your perspective and reset the way you see yourself, others and the world.  
  • How to break free from the old you of compulsive thinking, emotional reactivity and negative beliefs
  • The right relationship to, and functioning of the body, mind, senses and ego
  • What lies beyond your sense of being as a separate self — and how to experience it more and more
  • How to utilise the power and freedom gained in Modern Meditation to change and transform the heart of your daily life 

The course is based on beanddo founder Mick Timpson’s book, ‘Making Happy Work. A beginner’s guide to navigating the modern world with meditation’. The book will be provided FREE when you join the course. 

Divided into two stages, Being and Doing you will follow a stage by stage process following the beanddo route map and practices of meditation so you can continue to progress into deeper realisations, discoveries and great benefits.

Stage 1 Modern Meditation for Being 

4 sessions – 5 hours  (75mins/class)

This first stage is designed for those just starting out or want to explore a different more effective meditation.  Stage 1 Being Modern Meditation will enable you to build your practice on a solid foundation and enable you to be completely comfortable with the principles, techniques, observations and tools that will help you develop and advance and your practice. This first stage will provide you with key cognitive tools and techniques you need to help you shift your perspective so that you can see more and be more. 

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Stage 2 Modern Meditation for Doing

4 sessions – 5 hours  (75mins/class)

In this second stage your Modern Meditation then expands beyond a sitting practice into something incorporated throughout every minute of your day, creating and sustaining an underlying sense of conscious joy and purposeful endeavour. In short you discover how to integrate the insights discovered in Stage 1 Being into your day-to day-doing. This is the goal of Modern Meditation, to put you back into the centre of your life again, Being who you are and Doing what you are for. 

Your next beanddo Modern Meditation for Doing starts…

Not all meditation courses are the same.

This is not mindfulness. We go further. 

At beanddo we focus on helping you know you are already in and good place and work from there rather than struggling to tackle being in a bad place. Follow the Modern Meditation process with intention and you begin to prepare the ground for change which will grow spontaneously and naturally. After a while limiting habits and broken mindsets will lift. You will begin to feel whole and energised, connected back to yourself, others and the world around you. In short you will thrive in the way you were designed to. 

More about the beanddo approach

beanddo founder Mick describes the unique beanddo Modern Meditation course here:

More about the beanddo course

Over all 8 sessions you will follow the beanddo Modern Meditation route map. This will help you track your progress, facilitate  learning and gain a deeper understanding on how Modern Meditation can help you shape and redesign different aspects of your life experience.

Stage 1. Modern Meditation for Being

Session 1 Noticing

This first session is designed to establish core principles about what meditation is (and isn’t) and what the experience might be. Emphasis is on helping you relax, let-go and redirect attention 180° inwards. The idea is to introduce and become familiar with different and probably underused cognition and awareness skills to stop and then notice what is happening in the present moment. This shift of perspective is a prelude to meditation practice. Introductory techniques include linking the mind and body allied with intention setting, relaxation and body awareness. 

 Session 2 Looking

From learning to stop and notice this second session is then designed to help reinforce and deepen new found skills that have emerged through the Noticing technique. Looking, in this regard entails you learning to direct attention towards a particular object.

The objective is to provide you with new skills to ‘switch-on’ awareness to the mind/body at will. This shift of attention will be new and might be tentative and sporadic to begin with but with practice one can look inwards with purpose.

 Session 3 Seeing

 This next session involves learning to manage, maintain and shape attention towards a deeper experience. Seeing is different from looking as it now involves a particular method of observation (non- attachment). As one progresses, it clear that a different experience of oneself can be seen, beyond the previously accepted, and obscuring assumptions judgement and feelings. Seeing involves a lifting away from limiting self-created identification of doing field towards being. Awareness builds and the possibility of seeing more expands.

 Session 4 Thinking

It’s here that the Modern Meditation technique is expanded to include thinking and thoughts. As the ability to you will then begin to realise that thoughts too can be observed as a passing meditation object. This is a major shift of perspective. The realisation that they are not their thoughts, or the thinking process, and that it’s possible to loosen and disengage and go behind or beyond the ‘voice’ in one’s head to deeper experience of oneself is powerful and liberating. 

 Stage 2 Modern Meditation for Doing

Session 5 Feeling

Then as we begin to develop the skills to observe our thinking process and patterns, we begin to notice how feelings in the mind and body are deeply connected to different types of thought and our reaction to them. With practice we begin to decouple and gain some space from our thinking and how it makes us feel. We can then tackle directly negative emotions that limit, compress and impact on our wellbeing and sense of Self.

Session 6 Knowing

In this session we begin to explore how Modern Meditation practice uncovers and nurtures one’s Knowing faculty to just be, which is a deeper intuitive wisdom beyond thinking and the intellect. Here we move towards where our practice is taking us – identification with consciousness – our inner Self by developing and nurturing our intuition (inner teacher).

 Session 7 Being 

Here we bring the meditation practice to its core output. The ability to stay present with a felt sense of being through a sustained present moment awareness. The intention is to feel that sense being beyond any limited sense of body / mind ego-identity or external contexts. Being uncovers a ‘naturally’ arising innate wisdom and joy which – the real and essential YOU which when shaped by personal intention uncovers purpose and puts you in the ‘flow’ of things. 

Session 8 Doing

This last stage is all about integration – merging being and doing together. Here, the emphasis is on how the techniques required to apply the insight gained from meditation (being) into one’s daily activity (doing). This the art of making happy work. Integrated action – A flowing solutions-oriented experience marked by wholeness, creativity and joy.

Special offer and takeaways

If you book both Stages 1 and 2 together you will receive a reduced price.

Sign up for the course and you will receive a FREE copy of Mick’s book ‘Making Happy Work. A beginner’s guide to navigating the modern with meditation’, Specially recorded audio meditations form Mick to help you maintain and develop your practice. A digital worksheet to help you stay on track with the growing benefits of Modern Meditation. 

Train to be a beanddo Inner Architect™ 

We offer a 10 month training programme for you to train to teach beanddo Modern Meditation and an option to become a beanddo accredited Inner Architect.

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