Train to be a beanddo Modern Meditation Teacher

Welcome to whole new world!

This special beanddo Modern Meditation Teacher Training Course will be a game changing experience not only for you but the people you will work with. This course is a powerful journey of change that provides you with the tools to help yourself and others live a more skilful, creative and happier life – to make happy work!

You will explore, step-by-step the art and science of Modern Meditation, its origins, application and impact, and learn to deliver this practice to others. The world is changing fast. More than ever we need empowered, conscious, innovative people to help shape that change. To help build a 21st century conscious world of organisations, businesses and people.

Become part of the change. BE different and DO differently.

As Mick says:

“Just as there is an art and science for designing the outer world for our benefit there is also an art and science for designing our inner world the way we want it. It’s called meditation. When we practice thoroughly and consistently, real change is possible. We can empower our inner architect.”

Our Teacher Training Programme is aimed at inspired people who would like to help others benefit from Modern Meditation practice. Whether you want to go deeper with your own practice, incorporate into your own profession and place of work or set up a new wellbeing business, this is the course for you.

The teacher training course is divided into three stages. On successful completion of all three you can become an accredited a beanddo Inner Architect™

How do I become a Modern Meditation teacher?

The beanddo teacher training course is divided into three parts. You can choose to enrol and complete each of the individual (in order) training stages, separately.

Part One – Making Happy Work™ is a comprehensive recorded online course and will serve as the Foundation for your teacher training

Part Two – Going Deeper is an engaging and detailed ‘live – streamed’ online course delivered at set times (you can also watch and download recordings if you miss a session).  Successful completion of Part Two will enable you teach Modern Meditation

Part Three – Inner Architect™ is a special in-person training successful completion of which enables you to practice as a beanddo accredited Inner Architect™ across the world.

Part One – Making Happy Work. Foundation Level

Your training starts by exploring and following Mick’s unique special 8-part Modern Meditation process. This can be done online or in-person at the next available in-person course. Regard this as your foundation or introduction into what Modern Meditation is and how it can be utilised in the world.

Part Two – Going Deeper. Advanced Level

After the foundation practice this next part will immerse you thoroughly into the art, science and application of Modern Meditation techniques. This part will include reading, written assignments, teaching practice and most importantly how to convey and teach it to your students.

Part Three – Inner Architect. beanddo Accredited

Successful completion of Parts One and Two will mean that you may be invited to join the team and become an accredited beanddo Inner Architect.  

Only students who complete this final stage are entitled to practice as a beanddo accredited Inner Architect.  This final stage normally happens at one of our live in-person practicum workshops, retreats, conferences or events. 

Who is this training for?

The beanddo Modern Meditation teacher-training course is aimed at inspired, open, creative and generous people; working in a professional capacity, that would like to incorporate meditation practice deeply into their everyday working world and its benefits into their profession and place of work. 

The ancient science and art of regular meditation practice is fast becoming the new art of science for the promotion of improved well being and stress management but also empowerment, creativity and purpose. Meditation as a new 21st century life skill now happening everywhere in schools, colleges and universities, large and small business, government, health care, social services and so on. 

The beanddo Modern Meditation teacher training course for example is aimed at Health and Care Workers, Teachers, Business leaders and Managers, HR professionals, Coaches, Designers, Charity workers, Social Entrepreneurs, Administrators, etc… In fact anyone in a position to, and feeling inspired to offer beanddo training in their respective workplaces to help foster creativity and concentration, boost productivity wellbeing and stress reduction. 

The teacher-training course is also of high value to registered yoga teachers who want to add highly sought after skills to their teaching offer.

Training costs and delivery

Set out here are the costs and training methodology and time allocations for the online training. You can complete Parts 1 and 2 for £2480. Graduation will enable you to teach Modern Meditation. 

You can start Part 1 now. We aim to run the Part 2 courses in Spring and Autumn each year.  The first Part 2 course will begin February 2021. 

Part One can be undertaken in the trainee’s own time ensuring that it is complete before the agreed start date for Part Two which will be live-streamed and recorded. The whole programme is designed to run for a minimum of 70 hours – which includes 30 hours self study, research, assignments and practice and 40 hours of teaching. This programme is tailored for individual online training only. We also run bespoke training for business and organisations and more detailed in-person courses and workshops. 

All teaching on the course will be led by beanddo founder Mick Timpson

Want to get going now?

You can start your beanddo Part One Foundation training straight away for just £240.

Sneak preview of student work

An important part of the teacher training course is helping students develop their own voice and insight. This includes students writing and recording guided Modern Meditations based on the beanddo 8-part Make Happy Work programme.

Here is beanddo student Bec leading a simple 10-minute ‘Noticing’ meditation adapted for morning practice.

Read what past graduates say about the teacher training course

"Mick is an amazing teacher. Really accessible content and delivered with mastery. Superb experience, highly recommended."
"The beanddo meditation teacher training was perfect. I was looking to develop my meditation practice, dive deep into what meditation is and then hopefully share with my students following the training. I gained all of this and much, much more. The beanddo training is generous in providing lots of quality and accessible information and supporting tools. It is welcoming in its hospitality and creation of a sharing and supportive group ethos. Above all it has a most amazing teacher in Mick. Honest, supportive and a natural teacher, Mick's knowledge is vast and the way he imparts it with care, a clear connection to yoga and a gentle humour is invaluable. I now have a regular meditation practice, which connects through my daily life, I feel well equipped to teach meditation to my students and take my journey forward, thank you!"
Clare C
Yoga Teacher
"Mick is an inspirational teacher. His style is relaxed, open and approachable. His vision of #makehappywork makes meditation an attainable reality. Highly recommend learning to meditate with him and also his meditation teacher training programme - his training has been fundamental to the work I do."
Laura Coleman
Meditation Teacher