Train to be a Modern Meditation Teacher

Our Teacher Training Programme is aimed at inspired people who would like to help others benefit from Modern Meditation practice. Whether you want to go deeper with your own practice, incorporate into your own profession and place of work or set up a new wellbeing business, this is the course for you.

The teacher training course is divided into three stages. On successful completion of all three you can become an accredited a beanddo Inner Architect™

As Mick says:

“Just as there is an art and science for designing the outer world for our benefit there is also an art and science for designing our inner world the way we want it. It’s called meditation. When we practice thoroughly and consistently, realm change is possible. We can empower our inner architect.”

Creating the life you want from the inside-out!

Waking up to more inspiring world is simply a matter of changing perspective. As a Modern Meditation teacher you will be helping others shift their perspective towards the inner resources and material  they already have in order to empower themselves to change and grow. 

Learning to ‘be’ and ‘do’

With Modern Meditation practice we can learn to merge ‘being’ and ‘doing’ together in the moment. This experience of optimal ‘presence’ in action empowers internal ‘purpose’. This is the point where conscious manifestation is possible resulting in a deeper awareness of oneself being and doing in the world.  This feeling of becomimng awake, fully alive in the here and now leads to a profound and persistent increase in wellbeing, insight, creativity and health. Helping others discover, build and apply this optimal expense through mediation requires the teaching and guiding of a powerful life changing process. It requires thoughtful, open creative and insightful leadership. 

If this sounds like you and you feel compelled to help others thrive in the world, then join our mission to help Make Happy Work™

How do I become a Modern Meditation teacher?

The teacher training course is divided into three parts. Parts One and Two can be completed online. However the special beanddo  Inner Architect™ accreditation will need to be completed in-person at one of our international workshop intensives. 

Part One – Making Happy Work

Your training starts by exploring and following Mick’s unique special 8-part Modern Meditation process. This can be done online or in-person at the next available in-person course. Regard this as your foundation or introduction into what Modern Meditation is and how it can be utilised in the world. 

Part Two – Going Deeper

After the foundation practice this next part will immerse you thoroughly into the art, science and application of Modern Meditation techniques. This part will include reading, written assignments, teaching practice and most importantly how to convey and teach it to your students.

Part Three – Inner Architect

Successful completion of Parts One and Two will mean that you may be invited to join the team and become an accredited beanddo Inner Architect.  

Only students who complete this final stage are entitled to practice as a beanddo accredited Inner Architect.  This final stage normally happens at one of our live in-person practicum workshops, retreats, conferences or events. 

It includes:

The opportunity to explore this life changing technique with fellow students and explorers in the best possible, supportive environment

To work directly with Mick and benefit from his 30 years yoga and meditation practice and training teaching 

To learn from others 

You will receive:

  • The ebook edition of Making Happy Work
  • A fully illustrated 200 page beanddo TTC Manual
  • 10 – audio Modern Meditation plus teaching scripts
  • Course curriculum and teaching plans
  • Self-practice Journal
  • Support and friendship from an amazing beanddo family
  • Confidence and skill to teach and help others

Who is this course for?

This is not just another course on mindfulness. This is authentic meditation properly taught and applied to the modern world. Before you can help others live conscious, creative lives, it’s our experience that this course will also invite you to ask of yourself – what am I for and what can I do?

It’s very likely on this course you will discover the answer you have been looking for…

If you would like to have a direct zoom chat with Mick or anyone of our beanddo teachers, please get in touch

Read what past graduates say about the teacher training course

"Mick is an amazing teacher. Really accessible content and delivered with mastery. Superb experience, highly recommended."
"The beanddo meditation teacher training was perfect. I was looking to develop my meditation practice, dive deep into what meditation is and then hopefully share with my students following the training. I gained all of this and much, much more. The beanddo training is generous in providing lots of quality and accessible information and supporting tools. It is welcoming in its hospitality and creation of a sharing and supportive group ethos. Above all it has a most amazing teacher in Mick. Honest, supportive and a natural teacher, Mick's knowledge is vast and the way he imparts it with care, a clear connection to yoga and a gentle humour is invaluable. I now have a regular meditation practice, which connects through my daily life, I feel well equipped to teach meditation to my students and take my journey forward, thank you!"
Clare C
Yoga Teacher
"Mick is an inspirational teacher. His style is relaxed, open and approachable. His vision of #makehappywork makes meditation an attainable reality. Highly recommend learning to meditate with him and also his meditation teacher training programme - his training has been fundamental to the work I do."
Laura Coleman
Meditation Teacher