Modern Meditation Teacher Training

Part Two. Advanced Level - Going Deeper Live - Online

Autumn Intake 2021 -


Next course will start Spring 2023

Lets make a difference...

After completing Part One Making Happy Work- Foundation you can go on to immerse yourself thoroughly into the art, science, application and teaching of Modern Meditation.

This next part of your teacher training journey will include reading, written assignments, teaching practice, meditation design and delivery and most importantly how to convey and teach it to your students.

Part Two. Advanced Level is a live-streamed 24 hour 12 part online training programme devised and led by beanddo founder Mick Timpson 

The programme is supported by teaching plans, guides and meditation scripts. Students will go through each session stage by stage, exploring the beanddo map in detail and understanding the content, a purpose and objective of each location. There will be a range of meditation techniques to explore and test. The course will also explore the core science and timeless insight and wisdom that underpins the techniques of Modern Meditation experience.

We will look at the benefits of meditation, how it works and what is needed in terms of mindset and perception to empower the practice. The final part of the course will feature core teaching techniques, setting and leading the class, and an assessment where trainees design and lead a 45 minute class.

How Part Two - Going Deeper works?

There are twelve interconnected parts to the overall Teacher Training programme. Together they combine to provide a rich, engaging and learning experience.

Each session will be live-streamed and led by Mick Timpson Founder and CEO of beanddo. You will also have the opportunity to work with your peers and discuss your work and insights with other beanddo trained Modern Meditation teachers.

Throughout the whole course there will be a continued emphasis on empowering you to find your own voice and insight through this amazing life changing art and science. The course ensures you have the best possible tools to train with confidence or go deeper in your own meditation journey. After all that is the only way you can become an effective, creative and powerful teacher for others.  

"I wasn't sure what to expect, but the course has far exceeded my expectations! I also really loved how you encompass a happy, positive and safe environment in your teaching....I see how I can learn to be a better teacher and hopefully a great one following your lead."
- AL.C

You can download your Level 2 Application form here:

Part Two Advanced fee – £2480 (instalments available on request)

Autumn Intake 2021 -


Next course will start Spring 2023

Part Two of the beanddo Teacher Training is offered as online live-streamed sessions of 12 x 2 hours session once a week (12 weeks + 1 week assessment) starting 15 September 2021.

Each session will begin 7.00pm (GMT) every Wednesday as a live-streamed class hosted on Zoom. If you miss a session or unable to join the class because of timezone differences a video and audio recording will be available to download and keep located on the course beanddo Teachers online HUB. See below:

Together with all the course content you will need to have a notebook and pen handy and a reasonably quiet, undisturbed space for each class as there will be live guided practices to explore as well as lectures and discussions.

The overall live-streamed teaching will be a total of 24 hours. Over that time students will be expected to do a minimum of 3 hours/week of self- directed practice, research and study. There are a number of assignments to complete as well as a two hour live assessment where students will be invited to design and lead a Modern Meditation class. 

Application Deadline

Student intake onto the beanddo course is limited in order to maximise the learning experience. For the Spring 2021 Intake you will need to apply by Monday 13 2021 at the very latest.  The course requires a minimum of 4 students to run. 

If you would like know more or speak to Mick directly on zoom to discuss the course and content please let us know here:

Course Content

• 12 live-streamed two hour evening sessions once/week

• A 300-page bespoke fully illustrated beanddo Teacher Training Manual

• Reading and study list

• Comprehensive Modern Meditation teaching plans and scripts for all 8 parts of the programmes

• Detailed Modern meditation guidance scripts

• 10 guided meditation audio recordings

• Recordings of each teacher training session to revisit whenever required

You can download your Level 2 Application form here:

Part Two Advanced fee – £2480 (instalments available on request)

OM Work

Throughout the course you will undertake a series of set assignments. These will comprise short essays (max 800 words), meditation scripts and class planning plus a series of audio recordings. Listen in here to beanddo Modern Meditation trainee teacher Anna deliver a short guided beanddo Modern Meditation as part of her Advanced Level training…

beanddo graduate Becs talks about here experience on the Modern Meditation Teacher Training course.

Ongoing Training and Support

Trainees undertaking the beanddo teacher training programme are supported by a wealth of online information and resources. When you sign up to the Advanced Level Training  you will gain lifetime access to the beanddo dedicated TTC Resources HUB.

beanddo 300 page training manual covers:

• The art and science of meditation practice.

• The role of the meditation teacher.

• How to effectively and confidently guide meditation practice

• Contemporary research into meditation and its widening application

• Planning and delivering a practical and effective meditation course

• How meditation works

• The physiological impact of meditation practice.

• The science of flow, creativity and autotelic experience

• Meditation and the reduction of stress and anxiety

• An introduction to the ancient core wisdom and teachings of meditation.

• Science of consciousness, awareness and stillness

A powerful integration of theory and practice

Modern Meditation involves learning how to change perspective. At beanddo our emphasis is on how meditation can change how we see, understand and operate in the world – how to be different and do differently.

The beanddo Modern Meditation practices involve a nurturing and upgrading of key cognitive skills which support and activate this shift. The Modern Meditation practitioner discovers how to shift from subconscious reaction to conscious action. With practice the result is a heightened and empowered sense of being integrated into positive and effective doing. The result of this shift enables the practitioner  to self-optimise and empower an inbuilt wellbeing, energy, health, positivity and purpose

A relevant and vital 21st century human skill

beanddo modern meditation for business

The world is changing. We are experiencing a pandemic of stress, anxiety and depression related illness. There is far too much concentration on doing as against being. This imbalance is not sustainable.  In the long term the result is not increased productivity, more output, more creativity, innovation or profit – it’s the opposite. When the needs of being are ignored the actual output is reduced wellbeing, increased stress and anxiety, fear and burnout. 

Training to teach this ancient but very modern skill of meditation reveals that we have can develop the resources to not only to cope, and adapt but thrive in the modern world. We can help create a sustainable environment to  be and do. 

You can download your Level 2 Application form here:

Part Two Advanced fee – £2480 (instalments available on request)

"Mick is an inspirational teacher. His style is relaxed, open and approachable. His vision of #makehappywork makes meditation an attainable reality. Highly recommend learning to meditate with him and also his meditation teacher training programme - his training has been fundamental to the work I do."
Laura Coleman
Meditation Teacher
You can purchase Mick’s book- Making Happy Work. A beginners’ guide to navigating the modern world with meditation
For just £9.99 here…