Modern Meditation Teacher Training

Part One

Start Making Happy Work

The make happy work modern meditation course either online or in person will be the starting point to changing your world from the inside-out.

A good working knowledge of this programme, its content and objectives is a vital prerequisite and foundation before you can move on to Part Two which looks in detail at the timeless wisdom, art, science and application of modern meditation as a tool to change the world from the inside out.

Even if you choose not to go further in your Modern Meditation journey and train to teach others, completing this first comprehensive course will be the start of you fully collaborating with your destiny.

Follow the map and you will discover a whole new world as travel from an unconscious reaction to life to a conscious response to being alive!

Let’s make happy work!

Complete Part One online with Mick

Over five and a half hours of video where Mick guides you along the beanddo 8-part map helping you to develop the theory and practice of Modern Meditation

A 192 page fully illustrated e-book edition of Making Happy Work. Plus you get your own beanddo Modern Meditation Practice Journal

10 audio meditations linked to each stage of your Modern Meditation journey led by Mick for you to download, keep and practice with

A live 1-2-1 coaching session from Mick to help support you through the course and maximise your learning experience

Part One. Follow the map

The Modern Meditation route map will be your guide as you develop core cognitive and awareness skills. It will facilitate learning and help you gain a deeper understanding on how Modern Meditation can help you shape and redesign different aspects of your life experience.

With practice you begin to let go and notice where we really are. Then our capacity to look with intention and see with clarity begins to grow. From there, perception changes and awareness builds so that we see thinking and patterns of thought, and how in turn they make us feel and react to the world. Once this cycle is observed, insight grows and we begin to know a deeper experience that rests underneath our thoughts. This brings us to experience an inner peace, an innate sense of being. The still-point within, full of abundance, joy and creative potential. And then with practice, we release it through our doing.

Not all meditation course are the same

This is not mindfulness. We go further.

At beanddo we focus on helping you know you are already in a good place and work from there rather than struggling to tackle being in a bad place. Follow the Modern Meditation process with intention and you begin to prepare the ground for change which will grow spontaneously and naturally. After a while limiting habits and broken mindsets will lift. You will begin to feel whole and energised, connected back to yourself, others and the world around you. In short you will thrive in the way you were designed to.

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