beanddo wellbeing

What is beanddo Wellbeing?

Modern meditation programmes designed to reduce stress and anxiety.

Meditation practice and training is now recognised by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and NHS Choices as a low-cost, high-impact, effective treatment for people suffering from depression, stress and anxiety.

Meditation is easy to learn and simple to do. Our training programme is based on a simple systematic process designed to help people gradually understand the science, the techniques and practice of meditation so that they can be directly realised and applied in day-to-day life. All training is done with an experienced meditator and teacher.

We work with healthcare providers such as the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and mental health charities to deliver a programme that can build personal resilience, boost overall wellbeing and will help people to overcome anxiety, panic attacks, depression and addictions.

Mick Timpson, founder of beanddo, is a registered meditation provider and trainer with the NHS and accredited by The Mental Health Foundation.

1: Lunch and learn

Introduction to modern meditation (min 4 hours spread over 4 weeks)

Provides 21st century workplace employee well being


2 Programmes

  • 5 hour employee wellbeing and empowerment
  • 12 hour optimum performance programme 


3 Self activation Seminars and workshops

  • Beanddo inspired teams workshop
  • Beanddo authentic leadership
  • Beanddo creative intelligence
  • Beanddo purpose and intention
  • Beanddo resilience and focus


4 support

Business support services contract providing regular support for a fixed number of hours/month. To support employee wellbeing and training programmes in house.


5 Beanddo workplace accreditation

Make Happy Work – 21st century conscious workplace

Make a commitment to your employees’ mental wellbeing  and personal empowerment by becoming a Beanddo accredited 21st century workplace

All training is done with an experienced meditator and teacher. No special equipment required – just chairs and a quiet room. We would love to hear from you, so get in touch with our team or explore more of our online resources about Modern Meditation.

“My house mate and I really enjoyed your class tonight. We found it very insightful and something we’d like to keep up. We are both hospital doctors and find it difficult to switch off, life can be stressful a lot of the time.”

– Hannah

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