Self – Optimisation @ Work

Are you growing an effective 21st Century business?

To thrive in all sectors, business needs to be placing more value on its inbuilt creative and emotional intelligence. Every workplace, large or small has a never ending supply of this crucial human resource. We are all born creators. Why not make it a skill you can grow and harvest to ensure a thriving 21st century business?

SOW is a workplace training programme to help you grow awareness, reliance and self-activation. It’s designed to nurture and join Self-awareness, Self-reliance and Self-activation into one unified whole. This is the art and science of Optimised Performance.

Benefits of implementing the SOW programme:

  • Learn the art of Optimal performance and achieve goals effortlessly and skill-fully
  • Learn how to bring body and mind together to create intention and purpose
  • Discover the power of being present by nurturing ‘what is’ rather than ‘what if’ thinking
  • Learn how to gain a bigger and better perspective in what you do
  • Learn how to see things as they really are and develop greater focus and clarity
  • Learn how to modify and strengthen your attention and connection to the task at hand
  • Learn how to access and apply a deeper creative intelligence and insight
  • Tap into the liberating power of “flow states” wherever you are and whatever you’re doing
  • Discover how to respond wisely to stress and anxiety rather than reacting out of fear
  • Develop inner resources for resilience and strength to meet the needs of the moment
  • Discover more energy, joy and happiness in what you are doing
  • Shift from negative critical thinking to positive open mindsets
  • Reprogramme how you think about outcomes, mistakes and failures
  • Empower your inner architect and redesign  your world from the Inside-Out

The training is a three part programme and ideally is delivered as three separate sessions over three days or a more tailored programme can be delivered as a one day intensive.  

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Programme costs:

  • 1 – day session (6 – hours): £2000 + VAT for up to 12 people
  • 3 x 4hr weekly sessions, 12 hours: £4500 +VAT for up to 12 people

These costs include all training materials, delivered by 2 SOW trainers (excludes expenses).

On completion of the course you can also sign up to our SOW accreditation, marking your workplace out to a generation of increasingly self-aware employees as a 21st Century Workplace

Course designers:

SOW is the brainchild of beanddo and Mind Mechanics, who have joined together to deliver a unique training programme designed to nurture a natural process of growth from the inside – out. Mind Mechanics specialise in consultation and training, teaching people to use strategies to better manage their own mental health, to improve efficiency & productivity in the workplace.

Target Audience:

The SOW programme is designed for executives, leaders, professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, health providers, and teachers, in fact anyone who sets out to achieve, through inspired action, everyday by being a source of change for the world, for themselves and others.   

Engaging us to deliver SOW training and support your business will demonstrate Corporate Social Responsibility compliance, enhanced eligibility for business awards and see benefits for marketing by optimising PR and recruitment opportunities too.

On completion of the course you can also sign up to our accreditation programme marking your workplace out to a generation of increasingly self-aware employees as a 21st Century Conscious Workplace.