beanddo education

What is beanddo education

Modern meditation programmes for education staff and students.

We know that stress, anxiety, bullying, peer and academic pressure is the biggest obstacle to teaching, learning, wellbeing and creativity. Current research is showing how regular guided meditation in school can reduce stress levels in both students and staff, promoting a more collaborative, creative, school environment resulting in growing academic achievement.

We can bring these cost-effective courses to schools, colleges and universities to help combat student and staff stress. The meditation programmes can:

  • • Build confidence
  • • Help to promote insight
  • • Build resilience 
  • • Improve concentration 
  • • Unleash creativity 
  • • Encourage better collaboration
  • • Provide a measurable increase in student academic attainment
  • • Increase attendance
  • • Reduce levels of psychological distress including, stress, panic and depression 
  • • Decrease levels of staff exhaustion and stress

Our training programme is based on a simple systematic process designed to help people gradually understand the science, the techniques and practice of meditation so that they can be directly realised and applied in day-to-day life.

All training is done with an experienced meditator and teacher. No special equipment required – just chairs and a quiet room. We would love to hear from you, so get in touch with our team or explore more of our online resources about Modern Meditation.

“Mick is simply brilliant at transforming thousands of years of meditation teachings into practical tips and techniques for living in the modern world.”
- The Life Centre