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What is beanddo community

Modern meditation programmes to promote natural health and happiness

You can read about meditation from a book or download the latest app. But the real benefits of meditation are in the doing of it, with other people and with a good and experienced teacher. Meditation has been taught like that for thousands of years. When you learn to know the present moment through a systematic process of meditation, you gradually move your attention inward, gaining clarity and insight along the way. Eventually you come to rest in your true nature. That is where all the good stuff happens. It is where your intuition, clarity, happiness and creativity are.

We offer a range of easy-to-access community-based courses that are specifically designed as modern meditation practice. Delivered through local community groups, yoga sessions and wellbeing initiatives, this programme can:

  • • Build confidence
  • • Reduce stress
  • • Improve sleep quality
  • • Increase energy levels

The beanddo approach combines divergent (creative intuition) thinking already enhanced through meditation practice with convergent (logical linear) thinking. This union of divergent (being mode) and convergent (doing mode) thinking is the cornerstone of the beanddo methodology. We deliver regular courses and drop-in classes where you can learn the basics and deepen your practice. We can also work with you to run a community class at your venue. No special equipment needed – just chairs and a quiet room.

If have you any questions or would like more information, we would love to hear from you, so get in touch with our team or explore more of our online resources about Modern Meditation.

“Mick is simply brilliant at transforming thousands of years of meditation teachings into practical tips and techniques for living in the modern world.”
- The Life Centre