beanddo bespoke

What is beanddo bespoke

Modern meditation programmes purposely designed for CEOs, leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and creators.

The beanddo make happy work programme is designed to embed and expand the benefits of meditation practice into everyday life. The programme is designed to make happy work; a modern meditation practice for the busy active person.

Our bespoke meditation service is designed with innovation and performance in mind and is tailored to meets the needs of specific business or personnel requirements.

This programme will help you to:

  • • Unleash creativity
  • • Sharpen intention
  • • Improve concentration
  • • Reduce fear
  • • Nurture wellbeing
  • • Upgrade performance

We work with you to create a programme to uncover your innate ability to see more; learn to lead, plan and deliver effective solutions effortlessly.

We can visit your workplace, or you can come to our studio and the programme can be as one to one or in groups – whatever works best for your needs.

Our primary purpose is to engender a sense of wellbeing. This is what we mean by making happy work. If, what you are doing and in particular how you are doing it, doesn’t deliver happiness then something is not working!

All training is done with an experienced meditator and teacher. No special equipment required – just chairs and a quiet room. We would love to hear from you, so get in touch with our team.

“I really liked the workshops and interactive elements. Ultimately the subjects are interconnected, getting to the flow in writing, drawing, presenting, walking, reading, acting, meditating is all going to help students learn the need and techniques to wrestle down the monkey mind. Approaching it through different subjects deepens and reinforces learning.”
- Mary