Making Happy Work:

A beginner’s guide to navigating the world with meditation

Want to be happy?

Do you want to know your purpose and live in a meaningful, fulfilling way?

Meditation teacher and inner architect Mick Timpson leads this call to change. Making Happy Work takes the reader on a meditation journey of eight parts which, stage-by-stage, build up into a simple, easy-to-use, powerful practice that can be incorporated into daily activities. The key to making happy work is not what you do in life that matters, but how you live through your life.

You can listen to Mick reading the Introduction to Making Happy Work here…

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An excellent and practical guide 

“An excellent book. Very good balance of theory and practical application which is set out in easy to follow steps. Dispelling myths and taking a proactive approach to meditation which benefits wellbeing, resilience and performance”.

Chrysta P.  Senior HR Director

The book is based on an 8 part guide divided into, Noticing, Looking, Seeing, Thinking, Feeling, Knowing, Being and Doing.