Making Happy Work Podcast

In times of great change, having access to ideas and insights that can help us understand life and all its ups and downs can offer comfort and clarity.

In this podcast, beanddo founder Mick Timpson and Modern Meditation trainer Briony Gunson discuss all sorts of topics about modern life, and draw upon insights and concepts from the world of meditation to help us make sense of it all. Drawing upon their own experiences as teachers and practitioners of Modern Meditation.

Enjoy our Making Happy Work podcast! #MHWPodcast

Where can I listen to the podcast?

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#1: Staying in the Middle

How can we learn to “stay in the middle” during times of great change? To maintain balance, calmness of mind and clear thinking when faced with global disruption?

Mick Timpson and Briony Gunson from beanddo have a lively discussion around this important topic as the world faces into the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing on their experience as meditation teachers, they discuss how we can use skills developed in meditation to help us face into what has been labelled the greatest crisis this generation has ever faced…


#2: Cycles of Change

We see cycles of change in nature and the world all around us. And we are living through a phase of intense change at a global scale right now. How can we adapt during this time? How can we manage to ride through the intense disruption, and the fear and anxiety that come with it?


#3: Joy in Small Moments

When we are present – and practice focusing our mental attention – on the here and now, we can start to see things differently. In this episode, Mick and Briony discuss how we can be present and some of the calm and joy we can experience in the process.