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Guided Meditations

We have recorded a series of special beanddo Modern Meditations to support your practice. For best results make sure you will not be disturbed, use headphones and sit in a comfortable upright chair with feet flat on the floor. For more information download our beanddo FAQ’s here…

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Modern Meditation to tackle suffering

Listen to Modern Meditation trainer Becs Mansfield as she talks about panic attacks, fear and suffering in the badge of Covid.

Bec’s also leads a short Modern Meditation designed to help gain some control and perspective on Suffering.

Making Happy Work. Introduction Modern Meditation. Noticing Meditation Stage 1

To get started in Modern Meditation all we need to do is sit up and take notice and direct our attention. This beanddo Noticing practice is a foundational technique which features in the beanddo Introduction to Modern Meditation course. Its designed to help you to turn your attention inwards 180 degrees. Read more about this vital first practice in Making Happy Work. A beginner’s guide to navigating the modern world with meditation.

Live recording of 60 minute Modern Meditation lesson at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, UK

Listen into Mick’s live meditation session working with teams at Manchester’s famous Museum of Science and Industry

Open monitoring guided meditation by meditation teacher graduate, Naomi

Listen to beanddo graduate modern meditation teacher Naomi as she guides you through the basics of meditation. If you think you could do this too get in touch and find out about our teacher training program.

Guided yoga nidra for deep rest and rejuvenation

This guided practice will take you into a deeper relaxation where you will find and experience your innate stillness. This practice is done laying on the floor.

Noticing exercise

A simple guided meditation to help you check-in, let go, guide your attention and stay present to where you are and what you are doing.

Modern meditation for tackling stressful thinking

We tend to build stress in the mind and feel it the body. This is because the mind and body are closely connected. This then becomes an enclosed feedback loop as the body pain then feeds back into the mental state. This is a cycle of negative thinking and feeling which over a very short time becomes a mental habit which feels like you can never break free from. It can be exhausting and debilitating. But you can break free of this space by regularly practising this simple meditation.

Before Logging On! A meditation to start work with

A workplace beanddo guided meditation to help kick start your working day. Just 7 minutes to energise, wake up and bring yourself into the present and embrace where you are and what you can do. Tune in before you start your day and flow…

beanddo modern meditation for insight and intuition

An Open Field Awareness modern meditation to help cultivate deep sense of presence, relaxation, awareness, insight and purpose. Technique- Take moment to be comfortable in your environment – Gently close your eyes or softly gaze forward – Withdraw your attention from surrounding sites and sounds – Follow the guidance with an open mind – Feel and appreciate the positive experiences that emerge. Don’t try too hard – Gently stay with those experiences – Don’t try too hard