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Be together. Do better.

Want to be part of something bigger? Want to make a difference? The beanddo team are brilliant at hosting, engaging, high quality and inspirational Modern Meditation based live – streamed events. Our aim is to help empower others to stay connected and build a supportive community of Modern Meditation heroes who together can build something new.

Our live training and teaching outreach enables us to help people respond to challenging world events such the Covid 19 pandemic or to support others trying to make change happen such as Mental Health Awareness Week.

"I really look forward to Monday mornings and have found the sessions to be hugely beneficial, especially in the current circumstances but I know I’d equally have valued attending these sessions under ‘normal’ circumstances too; I would really love it if they were to carry on & would definitely keep on attending. Huge thanks goes to you all at beanddo for setting this regular session up"
Mary W
Modern Meditator

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