beanddo Coaching & Mentoring

Mick is a globally accredited Coach and Mentor with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). He is also an accredited yoga and meditation coach with the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK. 

Mick offers 1-2-1 personal coaching support for all teachers and practitioners seeking to go deeper in their practice.  Mick also runs a number of bespoke coaching programmes focused on teaching techniques, course development and self-development.

Personal 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring

We all want to be well and do better

We all want to experience a sense of presence and purpose in life because we intuitively know this is where happiness and success lies. 

It’s wired into us. We probably already know the answer to the questions we ask ourselves constantly – what am I for – what can I do? We feel this not as a fully formed plan but as an internal felt sense of momentum, potential and creative impulsive. 

This is what coaching is for – to help realise your full potential and be alive to your LIFE!

Mick will lead you in a highly effective 1-2-1 Modern Meditation based (MMb) coaching session. This will help you change perspective, make that conscious transformation and affirm this creative intelligence as a real living force in your day so that it becomes second nature to you.

You can book Mick for a single 75 minute session or a course of five separate one-hour sessions. 

For Yoga Teachers

Being a yoga teacher is an amazing and vital 21st century skill. But are you where you want to be – are you making the difference you know you can make?

You might know all the postures, the names of all the chakras but what is yoga really and how do you teach it to others in order to help inspire change and transformation in others and most importantly yourself?

This coaching is created by international yoga coach Mick Timpson is designed to help you be best teacher you can be – from the inside out…

Upcoming coaching courses with Mick

How to be the best yoga teacher you can BE!

Starts live 7 September 2022

Join Mick for an inspiring, four-part six-hour live online coaching to help you be the best teacher you can be. 

Forget your fear, stop comparing, build confidence and discover who you really are and then communicate it clearly. This is fundamental to success as a yoga teacher, helping your students explore yoga, knowing they will naturally be receptive to your authentic openness and compassion. This is the role of the yoga teacher – empowering others to empower themselves.

This is something you will constantly remind your students of – so start now and become a yogi and let Mick help you inspire from your truth.

Creating classes that mirror the yoga path

Starts live 5 October 2022

Join Mick live online for a detailed and inspiring 4 -part six hour journey exploring the role of the yoga teacher in designing brilliant and profound classes.

Developed from over 30 years of teaching and practice expertise Mick will lead you through his 8-part, linked teaching system, designed to carefully reflect and enhance the profound inward journey of your students as they begin to follow their own yoga path.

Working with Mick, personally you will be able to equip yourself with new teaching tools, content and purpose in your teaching linked back to the core of yoga wisdom and insight.

Let Mick show you how to make your classes, courses and workshops different, relevant and profoundly effective. Using yoga to teach yoga as a teacher will not only deepen your own practice and knowledge but also help YOU STAND OUT FROM ALL THE NOISE so that you find the best and most committed students and run the best and most memorable classes.