Train to be a beanddo Modern Meditation Coach.

Wednesday, 15 September 2021

When: 7.00pm (GMT)

Where: From the comfort of your own home

Autumn Intake 2021

Coaching for a more conscious world. 

Discover how you can elevate the way you think, feel, see, act, live, work and create – And then help others do the same.

We know there are huge positives in learning how to change the way we think, perceive and the process the world around us in terms of activating postive change and innate human happiness.

It’s clear, however, we are witnessing a more unhappy and tormented world. Many people are scared and angry and it’s this negativity that cuts us off from who we are and what we can really do to realise and fulfil true life potential. 

As a trained and globally Accredited beanddo Modern Meditation based (MMb) Coach you will be able to help, guide and inspire your clients to Self – Actualise. The course will provide you with the science, art, tools and techniques of Modern Meditation ustlising the beanddo 4-part protocol. You will be able to help others transform by helping them ‘see’ how to tackle habitual, de-fault, brain networks which when active is responsible for self-focused negative thinking – the source of so much distress, pain and anxiety. 

But that is just start. We also know that MMb practice has huge benefits in terms og human happiness, reduction in suffering, elevation of fulfilment and purpose, Self understanding, ultimately leading to a call to take inspired and creative action in the world. 

Part Two of the beanddo Teacher Training is now open for applications.

The course will be an online live-streamed sessions of 12 x 2 hours session once a week (12 weeks + 1 week assessment) starting 15  September 2021.

Each session will begin 7.00pm (London) every Wednesday as a live-streamed class hosted on Zoom. If you miss a session or unable to join the class because of timezone differences a video and audio recording will be available to download and keep located on the beanddo Teacher Resource HUB. 

Together with all the course content you will need to have a notebook and pen handy and a reasonably quiet, undisturbed space for each class as there will be live guided practices to explore as well as lectures and discussions.

Mick talks about the beanddo MMTC 2021

The overall live-streamed teaching will be a total of 24 hours. Over that time students will be expected to do a minimum of 3 hours/week of self- directed practice, research and study. There are a number of assignments to complete as well as a two hour live assessment where students will be invited to design and lead a Modern Meditation class. 

Read more about the course here

Application deadline

Student intake onto the beanddo course is limited in order to maximise the learning experience. For the next Intake you will need to apply by Monday 13 September 2021 at the very latest.  

If you would like know more or speak to Mick directly on zoom to discuss the course and content please let us know here: