Peace In – Peace Out. Meditate for Earth Day 22 April 2021

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Meditate for Earth Day 2021

Would you like to meditate with a Buddhist Monk? 

Join beanddo Modern Meditation coach Anna Kravec as she facilitates a live online session with the Peace Revolution in Thailand.

This is a free live-streamed online meditation event and you will have a chance to meditate with a Buddhist Monk and ask him questions.

You can sign up here…

8.00pm GMT 22 April.


Read what others are saying about beanddo Modern Meditation

I’ve been into personal and professional development for years but something wasn’t clicking. I’m impatient, I’m committed to my goals, and I knew I could do better. It was frustrating. I liked beanddo’s practice from day 1. This is important. I didn’t go into it expecting a “boom” moment. It was just nice to sit inside my head and be still for a while. So I kept doing it.This is one of the things that differentiates beanddo Modern Meditation.

It’s so accessible. There are no abstract hippy concepts. The teachers provide clear instructions. They describe the sensations in the body and what to look out for. These are real things; the tingling sensation of directed attention and the space of growing awareness is universal. Ok, so this was a small “boom” moment: odd little thoughts and feelings that I was having are universal and important… Maybe I should listen to myself more often. So I did. After a few sessions, I noticed that my head was clearer.

I was more certain and confident in decision making. A lot of the unimportant noise that takes up brain space was falling away (god that was nice). I was generally in a better mood. Was it just the meditation? Who knows, but I kept on doing it. My creativity increased; ideas for work and personal projects came fizzing up. I can literally chart the change in my diary from the month following the practice. I’m not saying they were all great ideas but they got me excited about and doing stuff that I’d been in a rut with for ages.