Join us ‘Live’ online every Monday morning to help beat the fear of Covid 19

Monday, 30 March 2020

Free weekly Modern Meditation for Tough Times

Join beanddo ‘Live’ online 9.00am (London) for the next 10 Mondays.

Science has discovered that the field of positive energy radiating from just one meditator impacts on another 100 people close by. So there is one aspect about the virus we can tackle right now and that is the fear and anxiety.

Please share with your friends, family and colleagues so that we can support each other and together build an empowering field of love and energy.

We start Monday 30 March 9.00am (London)

IT’S FREE All you need to do is go to our own online teaching platform and sign up here for all 10 days.

Mick describes the beanddo initiative to help others beat the fear of Covid 19