FREE Live webinar. Introducing NEW YEAR + NEW YOU 2021

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Create a better 2021 for you and others

Join Mick Timpson, founder of beanddo for a free live webinar 30 December 2020 7.00pm (GMT) as he introduces some of the core components of the NEW YEAR + NEW YOU –  the beanddo formula and four practice protocols.  

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All over the world people are waking-up to a deeper reality. Many are responding to the limitations of our current circumstances with new insights and possibilities that offer a transformed world. At beanddo we often talk about a 21st century shift of consciousness in people who feel called to create positive growth and transformation — the kind of growth and transformation that will create deep and meaningful impact for themselves and for the world. 

At beanddo we call this, taking ‘conscious action’ by inspiring your own ‘inner architect™ for change. That’s the part of you that is bold, creative, insightful and fully alive to possibilities. Perhaps you too feel this and are looking for ways to renew and bring your own purpose to life.

Our NEW YEAR + NEW YOU 16 January 2021 focuses on Modern Meditation and Yoga based, tools, and practices to support you in creating personal transformation. During the workshop retreat we will be exploring and activating our individual Inner Architect™ — that unique part of you that receives, transforms and expresses who you really are and what you are really for. 

It includes four powerful interconnecting elements — ATTENTION, AWARENESS, ATTITUDE and ACTION — 

Through a range of practices and techniques the workshop will help you turn your ATTENTION towards an AWARENESS where your deepest intention and potential is continuously flowing outward from a field of unified consciousness. Then using the beanddo formula we focus on modifying ATTITUDE to allow us to be open to the flow of this interconnected field of change to allow us to take conscious ACTION in the world which builds the NEW YOU. 

What will the result be? 

Emphasis is on supporting action — understanding how to take practical steps in the world that always support your deepest  intention and purpose.  The workshop will link creative goal setting and planning tools by infusing MMb techniques and practices into every aspect of a NEW YEAR + NEW YOU action plan. The result is a clearer perspective of who you are and what you can do to envision the path forward. To start with your truth and go from there…

“The transformation of the world is brought about by the transformation of oneself”

Jiddu Krishnamurti

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