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We all dwell in possibility…

Discovering yourself through Yoga

You can be lonely, but you’re never alone.

The Present…

Living life with Seasonal Intention – Spring Equinox – a time of balance and change.

Entangled Life. A Modern Meditation for the people of Ukraine

Living life with Seasonal Intention

Beyond the Thinking Mind. Using Art to feel present and real.

It’s not really Blue Monday!

Reconnect with the flow of your life in 2022

Cultivating Loving-Kindness at Christmas By Pippa Goss

Caring for the carers

LOVE is all you need.

You can’t become happy, but you can be happy. Seven ways to truly be happy.

Modern Meditation: The secret art of not fighting yourself.

Finding Purpose: You don’t need to look too far, just differently.

Everything can be a meditation practice with beanddo

Manifestation: How to create what you really need in life.

How to save the World by acting differently.

COMING HOME – Mick talks about how Modern Meditation helps you feel at home in the world.

Some people think that meditation puts the brain into deep relaxation or even switches it off – WRONG. It switches it ON!

Mick talks about the brain in meditation. So you don’t have to.

Being in the shed during lockdown

Are you setting healthy boundaries or just saying ‘No’ for the wrong reasons?

Fine tune your nervous system with Modern Meditation and know a different world.

Modern 21st Century Conscious Coaching – How to download the universe and upload YOU!

We’re causing our own misery.

Being Aware of Being Aware. Going DEEPER…

Transforming bad habits (and getting a brand new groove)

Is HAPPINESS your default mode?

Defining HAPINESS.


The difference between conscious action and unconscious reaction.

The difference between intellect and intelligence.

Finding our SPACE! by Pippa Goss

Everything you can do can be a meditation (even if it’s 26.2 miles long)