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Timeless insight – modern  science – new applications

Learning the beanddo techniques and practising regularly is one the best things you can do for yourself, your friends, family, colleagues, business or organisation.

Developing the four fundamental 21st Century skills means using them every day. Embedding new behaviours, mindsets and outlooks requires effective and insightful coaching, simple to apply programmes which support practical development, self-reflection and practice. 

We can provide the right balance of learning and practical exercises to help apply the techniques to embed new insights. Our courses comprise a mix of seminar learning, (in-person and virtual), inspiring mentoring, talks, practical exercises, peer-to-peer learning and group workshops.

We offer our expertise and training in four ways: 

beanddo partnership:

Long-term programmes and training designed around the needs of the individuals and organisations to help embed the benefits of MMb practices. Read more…

beanddo booster:

Immersive one-hour MMb taster sessions designed to inspire, relax and energise. Read more…

beanddo bespoke: 

Carefully designed full or half day workshops designed to explore deeply a particular aspect such as creativity, leadership and teamwork. Read more…

beanddo MMb coach training:

Professionally Accredited training programme aimed at people who want to help train and inspire others to make happy work. Read more…

If you have any questions or want further information, we would love to hear from you. Please do get in touch with our team, connect with us on Social Media or explore more of the beanddo website.

You are the Architect!

Join the beanddo team in Portugal for a week long Modern Yoga and Meditation retreat to help you redesign your world from the inside – out. 

How to do Modern Meditation

Download your own Modern Meditation poster to stick up on your fridge! It features Mick meditation on his Eames chair