The Team

The core beanddo team are CEO and Founder, Mick Timpson, and Sue Manley, Managing Director.

Mick has designed the beanddo programmes and leads many of the courses. An award-winning architect, artist and yoga teacher, Mick is also the founder of The YogaLife Project, a popular social enterprise based in Chorlton that teaches yoga, meditation and delivers teacher training to future yoga teachers.

Sue brings many years of professional experience to her role as beanddo’s Managing Director. After starting her career as an architect, she gained a range of experience in major practices and Local Authorities. Her yoga journey has been one initially as an observer for many years as Mick’s partner, before becoming a regular participant.

Sue has also been managing a number of design businesses and initiatives for over 25 years and she now provides strategic business planning and day-to-day project management at beanddo.

Mick Timpson

CEO and Founder

Sue Manley

Managing Director

Katy is a freelance copywriter, specialising in online content and blogging with over a decade of professional writing experience. Her quest to live in the moment led her to beanddo, where she is now responsible for the company’s blog and social media.

Katy Ratican

Freelance Content Writer

Anna has been involved with the beanddo initiative helping to develop and deliver our Make Happy Work modern meditation programmes. She started her journey of self-discovery in Thailand with the World Peace Initiative, a pioneering organisation using meditation to promote happiness and wellbeing.

Anna Kravec

Modern Meditation Trainer

Briony is a Modern Meditation and wellbeing consultant with beanddo. Briony works closely with Mick as a trainer to deliver their modern meditation programmes. In addition to running courses and workshops, she speak at events and conferences on meditation in relation to productivity, creativity and mental health.

Briony Gunson

Modern Meditation Trainer

Emily is an Occupational Therapist, yogi and meditator, and is currently working towards becoming an accredited yoga and meditation trainer. She is passionate about empowering individuals to take control of their own health and wellbeing and is thrilled to be working with beanddo.

Emily Edwins

Assistant Meditation Trainer

beanddo alumni

Laura Bain

Sarah Baines

Sarah Clover