Who we work with

We have been delighted to work with a broad range of organisations – from small local businesses (SMEs) to large, multinational corporations. On our services pages, you can read testimonials from happy beanddo clients and get a flavour for which organisations have taken part in our training programmes (based on the business logos present on each page and displayed below). 

We offer four, six and eight-week Modern Meditation courses, but can also develop bespoke programmes and packages based on client needs, if required. This is because we recognise that teams or individuals may be at different stages of their developmental journey and so face different types of challenges. As such, we can tailor our Modern Meditation course accordingly. For example, one team may be seeking out support with stress reduction, whereas another team may be focused on productivity and creativity. We also work with individuals and offer bespoke one-to-one coaching.

In addition to running courses, beanddo are also involved in national and internal events on meditation and wellbeing. Check out our events page for what’s on or get in touch with the beanddo team for more information about how we can help make happy work for you.