Where are we now?

There are seeds of change everywhere these days. There is a revolution of consciousness happening. I’m not alone in this realisation. If you look carefully you can witness an evolutionary jump occurring right here, right now. 

And it’s an evolutionary shift which is purely voluntary – you have a choice. Because this time it’s nothing to do with the survival of the fittest,  development of opposable thumbs or discovery of fire. 

People are choosing to be awake.

They are going inwards – not outwards, but towards a more innate truth in order to become aware of something that cannot be seen, but instead is known and experienced.  And they are discovering the truth of the world and what yogis have taught for thousands of years – that underpinning everything we see, feel, think and do is an undeniable field of potential energy.  This is an unlimited ocean of pure conscious intelligence that makes all sense perceptions, actions and ideas possible. That ocean is inseparable from who you are and its essence is ‘creative joy’. All we have to do to know this, is to be sensitively aware of how the whole process works in you, others and the world. 

We do this by learning to wake up, stay vigilant, alert and aware, to ‘see’  and recognise how easy it is to fall asleep – again. 

So what’s the new story of 2022? 

Hopefully YOU!

Mick in action in Mumbai

Mick was invited to close FAB Biennale conference with a paper on beanddo MMb creativity. It included Mick leading a live Modern Meditation to over 750 delegates.