Living life with Seasonal Intention – Spring Equinox – a time of balance and change.

24 March 2022 | Jenny Nuttall

How do we stay in touch with our inner-wisdom and take conscious, heartfelt action in the world? 

This week beanddo Modern Meditation coach Jenny Nuttall continued to lead around the wheel of the year stopping this time at ‘Ostara’ – the Spring Equinox.

The Spring Equinox is a time of perfect balance between light and dark and is known as the ‘the festival of balance and potential’ 

 On the equinoxes (spring and autumn) there is a pause where the day and night are equal length – before we tip over into either the lighter or darker half of the year. At the Spring Equinox the days become longer than the night up until the Summer Solstice on 21st June this year, the peak before they start to shorten again. 

Spring is a time when energy starts to rev up, nature comes into bloom, there is often a feeling of optimism and lighter spirits that go along with it – especially when we have good weather like we do at the moment. 

Themes of this festival are of new beginnings, growth, fertility, action, hope, new possibilities – it’s a time to think about what you want to create, transform and manifest. – see journaling questions at the end. 


For the meditation we explored the idea of balance – between opposing forces, how our body is constantly seeking an internal balance and also how our meditation practice enables us to find that place, that middle point, where we join and balance the being and doing.  

 Your body is constantly trying to keep you in a balanced state – that of homeostasis – this mainly takes place without us being consciously aware of it. Your body seeks balance, but finding that balance is a dance – a flow between opposing forces, of finding perfect balance, and then moving into that flow again.  

We can look to nature to watch this too. To quote Jilly Shipway:

As yoga practitioners, we can learn the art of balance by observing the earth’s graceful seasonal transition in and out of balanced states at the equinoxes.

…When we observe the seasonal changes, we see that there is a seasonal cycle of balance, activity, balance, and rest; and then the cycle begins again.” 

So can you find balance as part of a flow or cycle – rather than looking at it in terms of having everything in your life perfectly balanced all the time. As humans we can’t be in a perfect state of balance all the time – we need periods of activity AND of rest – our body is meant to experience stress sometimes, but the body’s aim is always to bring us back to that balanced state – and so it goes on…

As Modern Meditators we are lucky that we have our practice to come back to, to help rebalance our body – our nervous system and also our mind. But not only that, we also get to be removed from it, to be the witness of everything going on in the doing field e.g. watching the opposing forces of grounding and lifting and of the inhalation and exhalation sensed in the body. 

You are there in the middle, removed from them, simply witnessing – remember the beanddo circle – another balance here, between being and doing. You can’t have one without the other. The more you can come into that middle place, where you are consciousness, and from here connect to that unbounded wisdom, the joy, the love, the knowing what to do, of what to focus on. You can then operate in the world from that balance between the being and the doing – acting in the world, from a place of who you truly are…

“Our yoga (meditation..) practice can help us stay in touch with our inner wisdom as we take action in the world. In this way we can take wise actions that come from the heart. We can use our practice to stay balanced, centred, and grounded so that we are not swept away by the restless, frantic energy of the growing season.’ Jilly Shipway

Something we can take with us as we move into spring… 

Spring Equinox Journaling Questions

  1. As you look back over the past few months, what went well, what didn’t go as you may have hoped, what can you learn from it, what can you be grateful for?
  1. From what came up or resonated with you from the meditation – Explore what balance means to you – do you look at it as a more static thing in terms of everything needing to be perfectly balanced and this maybe feeling unachievable – or can / do you see it as more of a constant flow or cycle between different states? 
  1. Looking at balance with this internal perspective – What are the ways that you can bring yourself back into balance internally? – what are the things that reset you? e.g. meditation, yoga, being in nature, journaling, being creative – what makes you feel aligned, at home with yourself?
  1. Do you prioritise these things in your life? – if yes (now or in past) write about the benefits you notice from it –  if not how could you add more in? 
  1. As much as we’ve focused more on this idea of internal balance – it’s still helpful to look outside too – are there any areas of your life that feel out of balance or out of alignment, that are having a negative impact on your life as a whole? How could you address and / or minimise this? Or maybe even accept? 
  1. As we stand at the start of a new season and a new astrological year – how are you feeling about new beginnings? What are you looking forward to about this season? Is there anything you want to not take with you into this next phase? Is there something you could feel lighter without?
  1. What things do you want to prioritise during this season? – what do you want to transform, create, manifest at this active fertile period?
  1. Is there anything that you feel could get in your way of achieving these things? How could you overcome these?
  1. How can you connect to, appreciate and support the natural world this season?  
  1. Set your intentions – how do you want to feel and show up on this journey into spring? What do you need to do to cultivate this?