Entangled Life. A Modern Meditation for the people of Ukraine

28 February 2022 | Mick Timpson

This morning our weekly Modern Meditation session was called ‘Entangled Life’ and dedicated to the amazing people of Ukraine. You can listen to the edited practice we did below:

We practiced an advanced metta meditation (loving kindness) and there is an edited version you can listen to below.

The practice here is modified with Modern Meditation principles of connection and entanglement. It’s a practice that relies on good attention and awareness skills coupled with a deep acceptance.

The guided meditation will help you connect very deepely with yourself, others and the world. Science talks about non-local connectivity which suggests that human consciousness is nonlocal—i.e., it is not confined to specific points in space, such as brains and bodies, or specific moments in time, such as the present. Evidence for nonlocal consciousness can be found in distant atom-to-atom, cell-to-cell, organ-to-organ, and person-to-person interactions. Throughout history, what are commonly called yogic experiences involve a similar motif of experience. When we practise Modern Meditation we are exploring, navigating and utilising this field of connection. It’s called consciousness and we feel it as love, creativity, intuition, kindness, etc..

The practice is in two parts. The first practice is a simple Noticing to help build an embodied awareness. The second practice then leads you through a deep Modern Metta practice.

Allow 30 minutes for this deep practice.

Image by Ben Jennings