Living life with Seasonal Intention

31 January 2022 | Jenny Nuttall

How do we live our lives intentionally and form a deeper connection between who we are, where we are and what we need to do.  

This week beanddo Modern Meditation coach Jenny Nuttall introduced us to the Wheel of the Year and in particular Imbolk 

How do we live our lives intentionally and form a deeper connection between who we are, where we are and what we need to do. One way is to really pay attention to the world through the seasons and align ourselves to them. 

The Wheel of the Year serves as a good model (created by modern pagans and the Wicker Movement)  It’s made up of 8 parts – four are well known in the shape of Winter and Summer Solstice and the Autumn and Spring Equinox. There are four intermediate festivals known as: Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain. Tomorrow is Imbolc

The modern world with its all benefits and distractions allows us to be fully disconnected to the natural cycle if we choose to. Like everything we talk about at beanddo it’s all to do with how we choose to direct attention. The world will easily pass us by if we don’t learn to stop and simply connect with what is really happening and get involved in the action and flow of the world (your doing) from a place of inner wisdom (your being). Each part of the Wheel invites you to connect, pause, reflect and ask – “am I where I need to be?” This moment (about every six weeks) allows you to then set your intention for the next segment on the Wheel.  

Imbolc is the time to acknowledge Winter and to feel the shift towards the emergence of Spring. It’s a time when you begin to decide to stay still and quiet or begin to think about what the next six weeks may bring. Imbolc is traditionally a time of hope, renewal and creativity as the world around us begins to change. 

Jen has prepared 10 journaling questions that you can use to explore Imbolc and where you are right now.

  1. How was your winter season – looking back to the winter solstice (week before christmas) or maybe you felt your winter started before that – how has that time been from then to now? – Are there any lessons you can learn from how you experienced your winter? – Did you give yourself what you needed and/or what winter intends for us – rest, quiet, reflection 
  2. While it’s fresh in your mind, are there anything things you want to write down to remind yourself of before next winter – perhaps set a reminder on your phone for the start of winter this year Present and future 
  3. How do you feel about emerging from winter and towards spring? – – Do you feel ready for it, or do you want to stay in the slower, reflective stage a bit longer? – In what way/s can you honour what you want / need? 
  4. As we start to experience more light and nature is awakening, what is waking up inside of you? – What things do you think you may want to do, create, become over Spring? – is there anything you can do now to set the wheels in motion – any planning or preparation – this is the start of the growing season, so whatever you set in motion now will expand and grow. 
  5. Where can you find more lightness in your life? – heaviness of your possessions, can you get rid of things – traditionally a time for an early spring clean. Heaviness of some relationships, some habits, or mindset. 
  6. How can you forge a deeper connection with nature? – notice the new life – animals and plants, find the beauty in the remaining winter days, notice the gradual shift in sunrise and sunset, start a nature diary, find a tree and take a photo of it at each point on the wheel to notice how it changes with the seasons. Also what can you do to protect our planet? 
  7. How can you welcome / cultivate more creativity into your life? – What does creativity mean to you? Are there any creative projects you want to embark on? Learn a new skill? Collaborate with someone else? 
  8. Set your intentions for the weeks ahead – how do you want to feel and show up on this journey out of winter and towards spring? What are your priorities? 
  9. How can you stay connected to your inner wisdom as you take outward action? 
  10. Choose a word of the Season – choose a single word to be your focus and guide over the next 6 weeks to then reassess as the Spring Equinox. You may have set a word of the year already but checking in with it at each point on the wheel is helpful to check you still feel aligned with your choice. *A meaningful word that acts like a compass and guides your decisions and actions.