LOVE is all you need.

22 November 2021 | Mick Timpson

Over the last three classes we have explored Manifestation, Purpose and Joy. Now we get to the whole point. What is it that powers all of those things? 


Tonight was my last live in-person yoga class in Chorlton. It’s been a blast! 

The theme was Love.  And love is everywhere. 

It’s true.

Over the last three classes we have explored Manifestation, Purpose and Joy. Now we get to the whole point. What is it that powers all of those things. What is it that powers, or invites  you to feel your way through these different aspects of experience and practice and know a full and whole life?


My children have been brought up knowing that to be a truth – a fact. When they were younger I used to try and catch them unaware and ask frequently- what makes the universe work? Love Dad! – they would answer as their eyes rolled. When Brian Cox talks on TV about the universe and how it works its all about time, space, matter and gravity, he never mentions love. But when a yogi looks at the universe love is all that can be seen. 

“The finite in us longs for the Infinite. The love that moves the stars moves also the heart and a law of spiritual gravitational leads our souls to the Soul of the universe. We see the sun by the light of the sun, and we see Spirit by the light of our own inner spirit. The radiance of eternal beauty shines over this vast universe and in moments of contemplation we see the Eternal in things that pass away. This is the message of the great spiritual seers, and all poetry and art and beauty is only the infinite variation of this message” – Juan Mascaro

So you are made of the same stuff the universe is made of. In fact you are the universe. 

The yogic mantra of SoHam (meaning  So = I, Ham = That. In other words I am that – the universe.- Love. We startred the class with a neep yoga nidra based on the SoHam mantra. You can listen to it here: 

Many years ago I happen to discover a fragment of Blake poetry. I made myself learn it because it seemed to point to a different way of looking at the world which struck a chord for me. Later I understood that Blake was talking about the change of perception and perspective that grows through yoga. 

“To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower. To hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, and Eternity just for an hour” – William Blake

Love is a resource. It underpins everything and it invites us to know that every moment of life can be a beginning of something great and wonderful. But the trick in knowing this is to practice the most important and most challenging aspects of yoga. 

To surrender. 

To let go and be open. To be a receiver of love and accept the flow. Allow yourself to be worthy of love. Don’t let anyone say you’re not. 

So this Mick now signing off from live yoga in Chorlton. I will leave you four things that I have discovered and hopefully will help you too.

Manifestation – allow that never ending feeling of potential and possibility to flow in your life. Don’t resist, judge and expect things to happen. Don’t worry about the future and regret the past. Pay attention fully and remember making things happen only in the NOW. 

Purpose – Opening up to the flow of potential brings us to change. Change is the only thing that we are 100% sure of happening. You don’t need to expect or plan for change because it will happen. To make it work for you simply change the way you look at change. The universe wants you to know what you for because when you do everyone benefits. Everyone has reason for being here and that is to do with knowing who you are and what you are for. You will know purpose in life 

Joy – and when you know purpose you will know joy. When being and doing align, you touch your bliss and suddenly the whole world will turn towards you and open up opportunities and adventures. Joy is the universe confirming to you that you are getting right. 

And when all of the above is aligned, LOVE not only fills your life but the lives of others too. 

In the end it’s the only thing that matters. 

Om nemah Sivaya