Finding Purpose: You don’t need to look too far, just differently.

2 November 2021 | Mick Timpson

Living a life of real purpose is not something that might happen when you imagine circumstances are right for you. Your purpose is happening right now.

All you have to do is live it!

Last week, in the first of my final four live yoga classes we explored manifestation (chit shakti). We can use yoga practice and technology to locate and open up to the deeper creative intelligence that powers you, me and the entire universe. We feel it in our lives as momentum, change, energy, creativity and purpose. It’s a resource that is always available.

In this week’s class we will go a step further by exploring the connection between this deeper potential and change with purpose. Otherwise known as Dharma.

The term dharma has multiple uses such as: “law”, “order”, “duty”, “custom”, “quality”, etc. In other words you operate in-line with the world in a correct and appropriate manner. We know when we are acting in an adharmic (against what is right) way, because we internally feel something is wrong or out of kilter with your actions and thoughts.  This leads us to understand that in the modern world acting in line with your dharma means a right way of living or a path of rightness which can be extended to purpose.

Don’t be confused here though.

Living in line with your purpose, in tune with your nature does not necessarily mean waiting for things to happen in a particular, imagined way so that the life you dream of eventually appears. Often the life we are told we should or could be living through advertising and social media is illusion and designed to keep you wanting, desperate and unhappy. 

So you don’t need to look too far for your purpose. The key is to be the best you can be and being YOU first. Everything else will then follow on. You are already programmed with your dharma so you have to get on with the business of living right now otherwise your purpose, which is what you are doing right now will never materialise. “Follow your bliss and doors will open where you least expect them”, said Joseph Campbell.

To boldy go where…

A couple of years ago my son Jake and I were lucky to be at NASA in Cape Canaveral. We had booked a ‘lunch with an Astronaut’ . We were joined by Frederick D. Gregory  (three shuttle missions and the first African American shuttle commander) at our table. He told us a wonderful story of a mother he had met who wanted him to tell her how her daughter could become an astronaut. His answer was – “Do you know. I honestly don’t know”. He then recounted his whole career from a small boy fascinated by aeroplanes to being Deputy Director of NASA. He told us that his whole life had been a series of events that merely happened, always shaped by wanting to fly. Then one day on television he spotted Lt Uhura on the bridge of the Enterprise and the rest is history. He joined NASA in 1978. 

The message is be true to yourself.

Don’t try to be anybody you are not and stay with your sense of inner truth and always strive to take conscious action.  Things will happen for you. You might not go into orbit, but when you live in line with that inner compass, that sense of direction and the joy it brings, the world will be a better place. 

Tonight is the second of my final four in-person yoga classes in Chorlton before we move southwest and build the beanddo Ananda Barn. Tonight’s theme is Dharma (Purpose). The other two classes will be Joy (Ananda) and Love (Bhakti).

Jake and Mick with NASA Astronaut Frederick D. Gregory