Everything can be a meditation practice with beanddo

27 October 2021 | Becs Mansfield

According to study moving home is one of the top five most stressful things you can experiences along with the death of a loved one, divorce, major illness and job loss. 
Here beanddo Modern Meditation Coach Becs explains how she used MMb techniques recently on her own house move. 

In last week’s #MondayMorningModernMeditation with @beanddonow we explored ACTION. We practiced how paying ATTENTION, being AWARE and shifting our ATTITUDE we can take CONSCIOUS action. We can fully bring our attention to the present moment, rather than being distracted by our thoughts. We can connect our BEING and DOING.

In the last week I moved home. It can be overwhelming with everything you think you need to do. But if you pay attention to the present moment – not the thoughts in your mind – you can experience each moment and that feels far more manageable.

When I was unpacking boxes, I was unpacking boxes. When I was clearing out rubbish from the garden, I was clearing out rubbish from the garden.

Without my attention elsewhere.

Everything can be a #meditation practice. Focus on wherever you are and whatever you’re doing today. Pay ATTENTION to the ACTION. Let go of any expectation, judgements or ATTITUDES. And observe as your AWARENESS and consciousness grows.

If my attention had been elsewhere I’d have missed this little frog.

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