How to save the World by acting differently.

25 October 2021 | Mick Timpson

There is so much talk about getting back to normal. The problem is that it was the normal that got us here in the first place. Mick describes how we can make a real difference from the inside-out. 

The world is changing fast. The climate emergency is in short a global, natural response to our own mechanical linear view that assumes human beings are separate from the world, that nature needs to be controlled and mastered and that all problems we face are external to humanity.

This is dinosaur thinking as we face massive extinction events. The predicament is made worse by the fact that our government, economic and education systems are medieval and no longer fit for purpose. The world is a living ever changing place which our institutions are unable to adapt to and work with. 

The climate emergency and the pandemic are the result of the fact that we no longer have a positive and adult relationship with Nature. Since the first Industrial Revolution we have stopped seeing the world clearly and instead respond directly to the world that’s in our heads and that world is all about what’s in it for me! We look for progress, novelty, profit and control. What we have got instead is disease, poverty, war and climate change. 

So what’s to be done?

Jane Goodall last week, was talking about the type of change required. Instead of external change we need internal change first. She argues that we desperately need to move away from selfish short term actions of business and governments towards something that is more fundamental, in tune with the world. Change now needs to happen in and to people from the inside-out and not forced from top down. This of course can only be done if there is a revolution of consciousness – a waking up. We need to discover how to act differently from a place of real creativity, compassion and connectivity. 

I’m hopeful, but I’m not holding my breath for COP 26. It’s clear too that the current UK government lacks any real skill or intention to act because let’s face it they want things to remain the same, i.e. them in power. 

It’s down to you and me

However we have all the tools and that power. We really do. It’s down to you and me to change. It’s a basic really – when you change the way you see the world the world changes. This is what meditation does. It puts the individual in a harmonious relationship with nature and each other. Then we really do get with programme instead of trying to re-write the whole thing. The result would be that we return to a whole and balanced system of living a meaningful life which has its own inbuilt rebalancing and healing. 

This is what we call at beanddo ‘conscious action. It means letting go (not doing nothing), but with a very active ‘watchfulness’ as you undertake action in the world. In other words being present to reality, moment by moment. This is a skill nurtured by Modern Meditation and our work at beanddo. This type of action is liberating and useful because it comes from a place which is sensitive to what is really needed. We discover that there is real, agency, creativity, endevour and joy in this as one sees their action as part of a wider, life affirming dynamic system that doesn’t stop with you but of which you are an essential ingredient.

Imagine that. 

You might feel that your own individual conscious action is meaningless and won’t make much of a difference. Not true.  In nature nothing is wasted.  You might feel you are only a small wave but you are also the part of a whole moving ocean.