Mick talks about the brain in meditation. So you don’t have to.

18 August 2021 | beando_admin

Mick draws a picture of the brain and shows how regular Modern Meditation practice ends suffering so that you can accurately download the Universe and upload YOU!

We know that when we meditate we place ourselves into a deep flowing ocean of conscious awareness. It’s of course there all the time. It’s just that with meditation we notice it and then with practice, learn to let go and float in that never ending experience. After a while we realise we are not only in the ocean, we are the ocean. There is a oneness in you right now wanting to be expressed. 

It’s thought that the brain and nervous system act as a filter or conduit to this flow. Acting as a transceiver of conscious awareness. When the brain and nervous system or better still mind/body is receiving we are closer to Being or downloading mode. When the mind/body is transmitting we are closer to Doing or uploading mode. This is why action, in particular how you undertake it, is vital for you and the world.  To utilise this very modern but timeless insight is to change the way you perceive and process your experience using the four Modern Meditation based skills – Attention, Awareness, Attitude and Action. 

Make a coffee, give yourself 15 minutes, sit back and be captivated by Mick’s explanation of how the whole thing works in the brain.