Modern 21st Century Conscious Coaching – How to download the universe and upload YOU!

19 June 2021 | Mick Timpson

We all dwell in possibility. 

It’s true. At this moment the entire universe is creating new structures, new relationships while dismantling old ones. Everything is NEW. Everything is in a constant state of flowing potential including YOU!

Many of us spend a great deal of time searching for this inner potential. It’s one of the most important tasks in life. It may take years, even decades to find it. But when you finally open your eyes and shift your perspective you may discover your potential was actually searching for you. Learning to realise that and then act on this profound insight is the core of beanddo training. 

Infinite possibilities are always available

You don’t need to go anywhere to find what you are looking for. All you need to do is to stop and notice. Learn to upgrade your perception, modify attitudes,  be still, open-up and learn to get into the flow of things. Because, behind the appearance of everything, under every experience, thought, feeling and action is an infinite ocean of creative conscious potential. The waves of this ocean are playful and inviting. Every moment this ocean is daring you to dive in, catch a wave and turn it into an inspired action. And this applies to everything you do whether you are walking the dog, writing a novel, designing a cathedral, making pasta, flying to the International Space Station or performing a simple act of human kindness and encouragement. This ocean of unlimited pure consciousness is the very source of who you are. 

The principles behind this are simple

We start by understanding that almost all of us have an incomplete picture of reality. We live 95% of our time on Earth on autopilot. We are barely awake living inside a very limited self-created, psychological world of unconscious reactivity. We miss so much and never see what is truly available to us because we essentially get in our own way. We follow or get caught up in habitual distractions, actions,  thoughts and feelings that hold us back and essentially cut off the creative joy that otherwise flows through you into the world.  We become attached and mistakenly assume that those thoughts and feelings that ultimately compress are us. They’re not. You are so much more and it’s all available right here right now. 

The methods for achieving this are clear

We have to change the way we perceive and process the world in ways you were probably never taught at school or University. With practice we upgrade attention and our perception skills so that we can turn inwards and simultaneously observe and participate in that flowing ocean of cosmic potential. We prepare our mind – body  to receive this flowing wholeness using the four beanddo Modern Mediation protocols of Attention, Awareness, Attitude and Action. With practice, one way or another you discover how to download creative potential, make it YOU and then upload it again back out into the world. Essentially that is what you are for. But to do this we need to shift how we see the world and ourselves in it. 

A new revolution

This may sound to you like ancient wisdom or even new age wokism. It really isn’t.  That’s your mental attachments getting in the way. But as we move into the third decade of the 21st Century defined by many as the fourth industrial revolution we appear to be on a threshold of significant change. It’s manifesting everywhere but unfortunately outside of mainstream government and education policy. It’s our most innovative businesses and wellbeing organisations that are grasping this new and very human approach to change. A conscious and fully awake 21st century workplace is wanting more and more the essential human skills of creativity, insight, inspiring and compassionate leadership and highly attuned collaboration and communication skills.  

You are the whole wave

In the last 40 years, (starting with the work of David Bhom) there has been a huge expansion of research and knowledge in areas where ancient yoga philosophy and modern quantum and noetic science have overlapped, impacting on how we think about wellbeing, creativity and happiness. Older ideas of a Newtonian universe of matter, space and time, organised mechanically with the human mind-body composed of molecules and atoms are being replaced by new observations which see the universe and ourselves as flowing information contained in fields of unlimited potential. This shift of emphasis sets out to rebalance our experiences towards an unlimited spacious consciousness, from particle to wave, from doing to being, from thinking to knowing from prakriti to purusha. This whole new way of being ourselves (which in fact was there all along) impacts on everything in terms of how we observe, create and act, moment by moment. 

Self – Activation

This shift of orientation, of staying present is something we have to remember all of the time, or as often as we can. This is what Modern Meditation is for so that we can learn to reset our nervous systems and our neural pathways to stay on track and begin to discriminate between what we might call your not-self and your – Self – spelt that way with a large ‘S’. Because that part of you is the real YOU!

Learning to Self – activate like this places us all at the beginning of a new and exciting and perhaps more human way of learning and teaching which merge creativity, joy, purpose and meaning into one unified field of flowing wholeness. In the end the key to finding purpose is not much what you do but HOW you do it because in that unified space you will find everything you need. This is where we continue to develop practical ways of implementing these concepts in our Modern Meditation based coaching work. 

Our aim is to help make the 21st Century a conscious moment where we all stopped, noticed and took inspired action. 

Our next beanddo Globally Accredited MMb Coaching course starts live online September 2021. Read more here…