The difference between conscious action and unconscious reaction.

3 March 2021 | Mick Timpson

We often talk about taking conscious action at beanddo. You could say that conscious action is being fully awake in the world, while unconscious reaction is pretty much being asleep and letting other people create your world for you. The difference is living a life on purpose, creatively or living a life shaped by anger and resentment.  

“A Life lived by choice is a life of conscious action. A life lived by chance is a life of unconscious reaction.”

  • Neale  Walsch

Conscious action is really a state of Self-knowledge, because Self-knowledge is a process and not a destination. It’s all about relationships and connections and for us at beanddo the ultimate relationship is between being and doing – You have to get into the heart of the process! To know oneself like this you need to be aware of oneself in action. 

It’s a myth to say that in order to really get to know yourself fully you have to break that relationship with the world and isolate yourself. It doesn’t matter where you are or what you do because it’s not about what but about how, you move, respond, think and feel regarding the world, your work, your family, friends, colleagues and community. But to do that takes a shift of perspective and upgrading of perception and an alert, awake mind. That is what Modern Meditation is for. 

So your growth, your inner transformation to self-knowledge is a process of momentum that is available to you every moment –  in the moment.  And that’s good because everything else is in process too. The world is in a state of constant universal flux and Modern Meditation helps us learn to look and see this process and action. This then allows a new relationship to grow a deeper Self-knowledge which can be experienced as a result of awareness in action. Everything changes through conscious action and you will find you will shift quite naturally from consumer to creator and from competitor to collaborator. This is probably what the world needs right now more than anything –  for you to make that shift.

So when we put ourselves into a state of conscious action we are really putting ourselves into a state of absolute creativity.

In my book creativity is simply another word for JOY!