The difference between intellect and intelligence.

1 March 2021 | Mick Timpson

The UK government is planning for all schools to return this month. Exams will be replaced with teacher assessed grades. It’s going to be hard for teachers, but it’s clearly a step in the right direction moving away from a system that prioritises cultivation of intellect, memory and exam tactics on the day, over a more valuable and long term opening up of real and useful intelligence.

Wouldn’t it be great if the pandemic promoted in government education policy this shift (don’t hold your breath) as the new normal. A world where we helped students develop their emotional and creative intelligence (EQ and CQ) skills rather than unquestioningly following a curriculum which results in young people growing up to being just another group of distracted competitors and consumers.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if out of this current lockdown a whole new generation of young people would emerge, liberated, seeing the world differently and whose hearts and minds were completely in harmony.  As Krishnamurti said

“Until you really approach all of life with your intelligence instead of merely your intellect no system in the world will save man from the ceaseless toil for bread”

We know at beanddo, central to our training is the insight that there is a world of difference between the intellect and intelligence. The intellect is something you gain over time according to the conditions and context you have been exposed to.  Intelligence is something you already have regardless of where you are and what you’re doing.  Why wait until you end up working in digital marketing or advertising and  your boss signs you up to the latest EQ workplace training course. Instead do it at school where we all benefit. So that young people get to know and understand how to nurture and utilise their innate emotional and creative intelligence in the world. We could unleash, if we really wanted to, a new generation of conscious, happy, creative humans locked into their inherent capacity to act creatively and who are equally present and operating in harmony. 

Who knows they might just avoid ending up in advertising!