Finding our SPACE! by Pippa Goss

24 February 2021 | beando_admin

Trainee Modern Meditation teacher and professional musician Pippa Goss talks about finding the gaps in your life can be the best thing you can do…

I am a few weeks into the beanddo Stage 2 Advanced Modern Meditation Teacher training course. So far it has given me a lot of food for thought…

As part of the course, Mick, founder of beanddo and our teacher, encouraged us to watch the amazing documentary ‘Infinite Potential’ by Paul Howard on the life and work of David Bohm, quantum theorist and philosopher. The film opens with an amazing insight from Bohm that space is not empty, but full of energy and potential and that it is really you and me and everything that is made of matter which are little ‘vacancies’ floating inside a vast and infinite ocean of interconnected consciousness. 

This makes a lot of sense to me as a musician. This is just one practical example, but music students are often encouraged not to switch off mentally in rests (it could be one beat’s rest, or perhaps several bars), but to tune into the energy in those rests and use it for the next phrase. Likewise, you use the moments just before and after you start playing or singing to tune into the silence. It sounds a bit ‘arty’ I know, but the silences, or vacancies are often more important than the non-silences and are full of something you can’t quite put your finger on. 

It is like the gaps and voids between buildings are just as important as the buildings themselves in architecture speak! I think dancers and artists would also be familiar with this idea. 

You often hear people say when they take time out or go on holiday that they feel they need to ‘decompress’ – I have certainly felt this recently! Humans have an innate feeling that they need to find space again, to have time to process and think. 

I went for a run this morning and reflected on the Bohm film – I had the feeling that finding the space allows you to jump in and ride the wave for a while and that is when the ideas start to happen.  I have found it hard to access that space recently at a time when I’ve probably needed it most – that’s my challenge. That is why I am doing the beanddo Advanced TTC because I want to know how to find and use that space at will and help others to do that too. 

Don’t think this all sounds too hard to do or far too abstract – it really isn’t – and some of the core concepts are pretty much common currency. If you have been watching Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials on the BBC you will know all about the power of human consciousness which is called ‘Dust’ in the story. 

The point is, and this is what beanddo Modern Meditation points towards, is that we all have access to unlimited creativity and potential. You and I can consciously co-create a different world. All we need to do is observe in a very particular way. 

That’s the Modern Meditation part and the great thing is that Mick, through 30 years of teaching, researching and practice has developed a way to teach powerful, life changing meditation practices in a very simple and adaptable way. You don’t need to be a quantum theorist or Yogi living in a Himalayan cave to get and use this. You can be a musician and singing teacher living and working in Manchester. 

In fact, that is the whole point!  

Pippa is a highly qualified singing specialist. She is an Accredited Singing Teacher having recently undertaken a rigorous and assessed training programme with Vocal Process This has involved studying with leading singing teaching experts and voice researchers. Pippa says ‘I am always learning and honing my skills as a teacher!’ You can read more about Pippa’s performance work here…And her teaching work here…