1-2-1 MMb coaching sessions now available with with Mick

15 February 2021 | beando_admin

Book a 1-2-1 live-online coaching session with Mick and discover how to Make Happy Work for YOU!

We know that a regular Modern Meditation practice is now regarded as a vital 21st Century skill. But we know from experience, once you decide to change from the inside-out there will be moments of amazing insights and empowerment but also times where you feel stuck, lost or held back. These are the times when you need your teacher, your coach to provide support and direction to get you back following the route map.

Remember it’s your path but it’s easy to get lost. In these live 1-2-1 sessions with Mick here is an amazing opportunity to look at the map again and with Mick’s personal coaching and mentoring, reorient and get back on your path .

So wherever you are and whatever you are doing – YOU are happy, YOU are creative YOU are connected- YOU are amazing. Sometimes you just need to be reminded how to be and do YOU!

What do you need help with?

Maybe you are currently undertaking one of our online courses or you have just taken part in one of workshops. Maybe you have taken part in a beanddo course at your workplace and just want to know more? Now is the moment to do it.

It might you want to share with Mick some changes or insights that have developed through practice – that is often the case. It might be you need Mick to help you with:

  • How to refine the use Modern Meditation techniques to enhance Creative Intelligence (CQ)
  • How to overcome blocks to your practice or even set good practice habits
  • How to deal with deep seated negative thoughts and emotions that sabotage
  • How to know the joy of just Being merged with simply Doing
  • How to refine and sharpen your concentration and attention
  • How to deal with and work proactively with new experiences that will emerge as you practice

Or you might just want to:

  • Have an hour with Mick and enjoy the benefits of a personal 1-2-1 guided Modern Meditation session. If this sounds like you get in touch and book some space with Mick.