What are you good at?

18 July 2019 | beando_admin

How many times have you surprised yourself by doing something you never thought you could do? Or achieved something you never thought was possible? 

It happens more than you might think. Particularly in businesses that focus on empowerment, support and creative nurturing.

There’s a name for it too; when we discover something about our abilities that we never knew, we call that unlearning – the removal of previously accepted and entrenched ideas about who you are and what you can do.
These restrictive ideas are mostly self-created; we are the ones that limit our own ability, creativity and ultimately wellbeing. But by unlearning, you find out what you are good at. To begin to see things differently, to get that much-needed shift in perspective, you need to commit to making such a change.

We all know there is something in the back of our mind that wants to be released. An idea, no matter how vague or unstructured, that suggests we can do more, we can be different, we can do differently. We just have to prepare the ground to let it grow. Meditation practice does exactly that by creating the conditions for growth and transformation. 

Change from the inside out

Unlearning is harder than learning, but it is ultimately more rewarding. Just learning to stop, purposefully, through meditation will remove previous restrictive patterns of resistance. 

You can’t decide to use meditation to make you a better hedge fund manager. But you can decide to use meditation to help you a more authentic version of yourself. Once you achieve this, then you may indeed become a brilliant hedge fund manager, or whatever your aspiration may be. Who knows? It happens a lot.

When you unlearn, you remove those obstacles that get in the way of you being you. The unlearning is not linear; it’s iterative, as we like to say in the design business. It can be a convoluted, obscure and winding process. But it is always in the right direction.

So the best advice is always to stick with it, even in the more difficult times when unlearning seems impossible, or even improbable. 

You will see that by just letting go with purpose, settling the mind by watching and embodying the moment, you will get your first glimpse into a deeper sense of being. You then begin to drop old ways of thinking and your previous routines of being and doing.

Best of all, none of it is ever planned; it just happens and that’s a more positive way to unlearn. 

Many of us feel as though there is something we are good at, but we’re not quite sure what that is yet. If that’s you, don’t hesitate to find out what it is, go and act on it now.  

The world is waiting for you, so embrace it. 

If you’d like to reduce those self-imposed obstacles in your life, whether in work or play, get in touch with us at beanddo. We offer simple meditation taster sessions or can design a guided meditation programme especially for you. Let’s work together to achieve your best self.

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