Introducing Self-Optimisation @ Work (SOW) from beanddo

14 May 2019 | beando_admin

We all have creative insight that optimises who we are and what we can do. We are born with an unlimited supply of creative and emotional intelligence. It’s not just bestowed on a lucky few, we are all creators. We build our own world. So why not make it a skill and build a world where you thrive and achieve?

To celebrate the launch of our brand new Self-Optimisation @ Work (SOW) programme, beanddo founder and Inner Architect Mick Timpson describes what distinguishes Self-optimised people at work from the rest of us.

In business, knowledge is power. But in a modern business, that is only part of the equation for success. The 21st century workplace is asking for a different sort of power: self-knowledge.

This knowledge leads to empowerment. This is when knowledge about what you do is shaped and inspired by how you do it. We can learn how to activate a different set of perceptions, thought, intention, focus, insight and creativity which align with a personal deeper vision and purpose. And it’s innate, it has always been there. This is change from the inside-out and it’s on-tap every moment of every day.

This is a new model of work. In the 20th century the core emphasis was work first, you second. Now we are rediscovering and returning to a different sort of connection and balance.
Emphasis now is on the internal world — who you are.

Realising your deeper potential

If you’ve never self-activated, experienced optimised performance or realised your deeper potential and ability at work or indeed anywhere in your life, keep reading!

Life comes hurtling towards us at speed. And those that thrive are often the people who are slow to complain and quick to adapt. These are the people that ‘get it’. They are not switched off, they are switched on and fully taking part. They see the bigger picture; it’s a skilled mindset and mode of perception that can be learned. Once learnt and put into practice, it will open up to a deeper resource and destiny you never knew was in you.

Rather than allowing yourself to be held back by events, experiences and people, the Self-optimised among us know how to move around these obstacles and see the world through a different viewer. It’s a change of perspective, or a shift of vantage point, which allows the Self-optimised to see themselves in the world differently and act accordingly. This shift of perception initiates the Self-optimised into a different world. A world of opportunity and adventure that seems to spontaneously flow with energy and change. It’s a full body-mind thing and when you are there in the flow it’s easy to spot an oncoming obstacle that might block or hold you back. Where others see barriers, Self-optimised people see challenges to work with. The Self-optimised person is working at peak performance. They see more and do more. They are knowing the joy of doing, aligned with a deeper purpose.

Time to wake up

Don’t think this way of being and doing in the world is only for a few gifted individuals. Far too many people assume, or have never learned, that they already have what it takes. This is for everyone. We are wired for this and so it can be under your control and switched on whenever required. All it needs is for you to wake up!

Self-optimised people have perspective. It’s like they are outside, standing apart and looking in. This shift of observation is a positive habit. Self-optimised people are in the world, not of it. They are independent, self-reliant, clear-sighted and actualised. They are alive to the world, to others and themselves. This aliveness brings with it an ability to navigate the world, manage behaviour, regulate emotional responses and think differently to achieve positive results and enjoy creative experiences.

Absolutely anyone can enhance their world by optimising the Self. That is what our SOW programme is designed to do. It’s all based on the insight that, given the right conditions, most people naturally grow towards Self-activation. It’s a drive that is present in everyone toward the realisation of their talents, potential and purpose — what we call Making Happy Work, because with this shift also comes an unfolding joy, contentment and wellbeing.

Self-optimised people live skilful, creative lives. And with that comes a very different type of perception, mindset and behaviour. The self-optimised person, with practice, develops a new sensory faculty of mind and body. It takes the form of a penetrating, intuitive skill that helps make the knotty issues of life and work no longer problems.

If you’re growing an effective, 21st century business, you will benefit from our Self-Optimisation @ Work programme.