Seven ways regular meditation can improve your mental health and wellbeing

1 April 2019 | beando_admin

For over five thousand years the art and science of meditation has been a simple, tried and tested method for maintaining balance, harmony and wellbeing in daily life.

And even better, it’s easy to learn.

Because if it was hard it would have died out as a practice generations ago, wouldn’t it? The good stuff always lasts.

These days, with the growth of yoga and mindfulness, it’s fast becoming the newest art and science of wellbeing.

Meditation practice is simply a change of perspective. Some practitioners make meditation too complicated, overly-scientific or other worldly. It really isn’t.

When we practice meditation we learn to direct attention towards that awareness, with purpose. We go towards a deeper, different experience of ourselves, how we do things and perceive the world around us. In other words, we wake up to how things really are, not how we think they should be. 

Most of the time our minds are mentally and physically continually trying to rearrange the external world, thinking that’s where our happiness lies.

It’s exhausting – and that’s when we start to struggle and build a resistance to our wellbeing. So instead, direct your mind inwards towards our natural happiness and contentment.

All of us have the ability to direct attention and change how we think. Your mind wants to be happy, calm and creative. So let it! 

How meditation can improve your mental health and wellbeing:

  1. Positive thinking – This encourages the mind’s natural desire for wanting to be in a good place.
  2. Lessen anxiety and live stress-free – Meditation enables you to recognise and let go of negative, painful thoughts and actions and learn to manage stressful situations and environments.
  3. Build self-esteem and purpose – By recognising who you are and what you can do, in order to create a fulfilled and useful life for yourself and others.
  4. Insight and clarity – Learning how to unlock and use your inner wisdom and knowledge everyday.
  5. Peace and wellbeing – Knowing how to stay centred, balanced and calm wherever you are, whatever you are doing.
  6. Creativity and flow – By learning how to tap into your innate creativity and let it flow with joy into the world.
  7. Happiness – This is your default setting. It might not feel like it at the start of your meditative journey, but it is!

These seven experiences, fostered by meditation, are the moments when we realise we are becoming more and more ourselves. These are the moments of simple acceptance, non-judgement, balance and focus; moments when we know we are in the right place, doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. 

If you’re keen to learn more about meditation and the benefits it can have on you and those around you,  take a look at one of our modern meditation services.

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