Benefit of Modern Meditation Part 5: Greater Insight and Clarity

14 January 2019 | beando_admin

When you learn how to practice modern meditation, you’ll discover how to access and utilise a deeper, more awakened consciousness, which will infuse every aspect of your life. This is not some flaky claim, it’s real — the impact of which is being researched across the globe.

 This conscious self-activation, or being ‘woke’ as the millennials like to say (being consciously awake in the world), is gaining traction everywhere now. And not a moment too soon!

This is why we are seeing a real growth of modern meditation in younger people. They understand that meditation is not about switching off your mind (as people often incorrectly think), it’s about switching it on. This self-activation is characterised by an increasing sense of innate wisdom, clarity and insight that arises spontaneously in response to the needs of the moment.

How does it work?

Your mind is distinct from your thoughts. Most of us don’t know that because we spend a great deal of time connected to thoughts and hardly anything else. The mind is a space through which your thoughts flow and swirl. It is also the space through which your awareness flows too; it’s the space where we ‘know’ and ‘see’ that deeper consciousness. The mind acts a bit like a mirror, reflecting back that deeper experience where insight and clarity reside.

Our problem is that most of the time our thoughts cover over that mirror and our attention is distracted almost all the time away from the deeper aspects of mind towards the more surface level thinking. After a while it becomes easier to just rest at the surface level until it becomes an ingrained habit. You are committing your mind to remain in a confused and anxious state.

When we practice modern meditation, we begin to change our relationship to those thought processes. We begin to watch the thoughts, feelings and experiences they create for us from a distance. The technique dilutes the impact of thoughts and emotions that would normally hook you in. Thoughts don’t disappear, they simply empty out, leaving stillness, clarity and insight behind.

Seeing things as they really are

That mirror we mentioned is left clear to reflect reality and insight (literally) occurs naturally. In our meditation sessions, we often use a snow globe to show how this works. There is an ancient yoga story that describes a glass jar full of muddy water being stirred. When the stirring stops, the water slows and the mud begins to settle to the bottom. It doesn’t go away. It’s naturally relocated over time, so that it has less impact. Eventually with time (and practice) the jar is clear. You can see into it and through it — in other words, clarity and insight are a product of stillness. Modern meditation is how you learn to stop stirring the water or shaking the snow globe. 

Clarity of mind is reflective rather than reactive. So instead of making assumptions, observations or judgements that are based on our thoughts, we can decide instead to help our mind and let it reflect back to us what’s really going on — from that, a deeper insight and clarity grows.

You already know what to do

Interestingly, one’s clarity and insight is something you already possess. Sure, there’s an element of experience involved, but how many times have you made a decision about something which seems to come suddenly and from a surprising place? It seemed to come out of the blue. Some people call it gut instinct, we would call it self-activation.
It’s amazing what you can do when you simply put your mind to it — not your judgement or your expectations – but simply your mind. When we put that new found insight and clarity to action we find ‘Knowing’. That sense of purpose is described in more detail in our book, Making Happy Work.
On the map we have designed to accompany the modern meditation journey, you can see the knowing aspect when you arrive at a space where you simply seem to know what to do, how to do and why. At work, as in life, you become the right person at the right time doing the right thing.
How many times do you think in your career you have lacked insight and clarity of intention? How many times do you think you have lacked the ability to make a good decision, or made the wrong decision because you were far too influenced or distorted by the feared opinion of others? 

So imagine if everybody in the world had access to that deeper sense of knowing. Well, we do. You do, your friends, family and colleagues all do too. Just think how different the world would be.
At beanddo, we offer six different modern meditation programmes. Each one is designed to meet the needs of different people, wherever they are, whatever they’re doing. Which one is for you?

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