Benefit of Modern Meditation Part 4: Empowerment, Purpose and Positive Thinking

7 January 2019 | beando_admin

As the saying goes, “there is a YOU-shaped hole in the universe that only you can fill”. 

In other words, there’s a place which is specifically designed for you and what you can do. It’s a space where only you will fit, which ensures that everything else works as it should.

That hole is your special purpose and there are countless opportunities that will empower you to fill it. Years of teaching creativity and meditation (for me, they are the same thing) confirms it for me.

Being and doing yourself 

In truth though, few of us rarely get to know our real purpose and power. Instead you spend time thinking about where you belong, what you should and who you should do it with. It could be that in your job, you spend a huge amount of energy trying to copy the work of others, looking approval in what you’re doing. You may believe that external acceptance is all you need to feel empowered and have a sense of direction and purpose in your life.

All of this comes from the feeling that we are all on a mission to know who we are, what we are for and why. I have talked before about our search, that inner alignment when the outside world (our doing) combines with our inner world (our being). When that happens, you are beginning to fill that ‘you’ shaped hole in the universe. But only you will know it.

Staying on target

Being the best version of you, right here, right now is in fact all you need to do. Sure, some management courses or team building days in the woods might talk about personal empowerment, but they won’t get you very close to that insight. 

There is no need to be anybody else.  Don’t model yourself on Oprah Winfrey or Richard Branson, because they’re already doing the best version of themselves. If you spend your time aiming to be somebody else, you tend to get distracted and will miss the target. 

Your job is to be the best version of yourself.  It’s your own empowerment, your own purpose, which has been there all the time.

That sense of empowerment, of knowing who you really are and what you can do, directs you towards your purpose. This is complete and authentic self-expression – and the rewards are more than just business success. They go much deeper and in the end, are much more beneficial.

Staying out of trouble

This is more than positive thinking, although this technique of popular psychology plays a role.  Additionally, self-empowerment and purpose is more than superiority. That’s just ego; useful (sometimes) for the modern world but I wouldn’t believe everything it tells you. It will get you into trouble…

What we really want is something much more authentic coming from your inner core. It’s there there are no obstacles, no competition and no restrictions for you to do your best and really thrive and grow.

Businesses worldwide are looking at modern meditation, not only as a way to tackle our ever-growing stress and anxiety epidemic,  but also as a way of unleashing creativity, leadership, resilience and clarity. These are innate human capacities which are nurtured and promoted through modern meditation. This is real empowerment and the best organisations know this is a return on investment, which is to do with the individual. We have programmes at beanddo that are designed to that, created to tackle the first and promote the second. 

Demands of modern business now means that we shift from the old 20th century model that was centred on ‘what you do’, towards a more liberating and creative 21st century model starting with ‘who you are’. Everyone wins with this shift.

Benefits of Knowing Purpose

1.    Motivation: An inner call to action and to keep moving

2.    Orientation: Knowing where you are and where you need to get to

3.    Resilience: Overcoming obstacles and resistant to distractions

4.    Positivity: Life becomes more meaningful, productive and creative

5.    Evolution: Purpose is not invented but discovered

6.    Flow: Step aside, let go and let purpose flow through you

7.    It’s not about you: It’s not you directing purpose, it’s the other way around

8.    Making happy work: Life becomes more meaningful, purposeful and creative 

Utilising modern meditation workplace techniques can evolve into genuine empowerment. Remember: you are the key that fits the lock and opens the door, you are the jigsaw piece that completes the puzzle and reveals the bigger picture. Find your purpose and feel empowered through modern meditation.

If you have any questions about our meditation programmes, please get in touch.

Making Happy Work, by Mick Timpson, is available to buy from 1st February 2019.

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