Kindness can make you a better leader

12 November 2018 | beando_admin

What do you look for most in a leader? Is it their resilience in times of uncertainty? Their ability to make quick decisions, or for them to show empathy to yourself and other colleagues? 

For us, a good leader is an empathetic leader, one who can show that they know what another person is feeling and going through. Kindness sits side-by-side with empathy, so this Kindness Day UK 2018, why not celebrate and promote kindness in all its forms?

Kindness can elevate your own leadership from good to great; in fact, research from Harvard Business School has demonstrated that leaders who show warmth to colleagues are more effective than people who lead with toughness. In essence, kindness appears to accelerate trust.

So how can being kind make you a better leader in the workplace?

You build real, and lasting, relationships

Nobody wants a tyrant for a boss. Making unrealistic demands (loudly) isn’t going to get the best from your team. By showing visible displays of kindness and warmth, you show that you actually care about others and their overall wellbeing. It’s much easier to work with people who actually like you! 

You understand your employees

A great leader is one who can assert their authority while seeing eye-to-eye with their employees. A hierarchy might be there, but it doesn’t negatively impact the day-to-day workplace. By using kindness and gratitude, you can show your team that you care. 

You show forgiveness 

A lack of forgiveness in the workplace can be detrimental to the effectiveness of any business. Humans can find it difficult to forgive and move on, but by using kindness, you have the ability to excuse others for their honest mistakes. This forgiveness is a valuable trait within the workplace. 

You give fair feedback 

Leaders sometimes have to tell employees that they are not delivering. These critical conversations can be tough for both parties, but they can also build trust when they are handled with kindness. First and foremost, leaders should always want to help employee to improve.

Random acts of kindness are important. But to be a great leader, we need to look beyond the randomness of being kind and instead focus on intentionally practising kindness. Leaders who regularly show kindness will earn the respect and loyalty of their employees, compared with those leaders who do not.

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