Why Meditation Could Make You a Better Colleague

24 September 2018 | beando_admin

Stress in modern society is rising to epidemic levels. A UK Government report on mindfulness found that by 2030, stress will be our biggest killer. Growing stress levels are a huge threat to our overall wellbeing, happiness, creativity and productivity. And it can make us a terrible, grumpy, short-tempered colleague in the workplace.

So more businesses than ever are waking up to the fact that without mentally-healthy employees, organisations will fail. Workers are at the heart of a successful business; they can pioneer new ideas and devise better ways of working, but only if that business is willing to take employee wellbeing seriously.

That’s where modern meditation comes in. Modern meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, which results in greater happiness and purpose. These benefits can certainly make you a better colleague at work. Here’s how:

You learn to focus on the detail

How many times have you received an email, read it and thought ‘I’ll reply to that later’ – only to still be thinking about it later that evening? Or perhaps you were in a meeting and at the end, realised you’d been distracted and didn’t know any of the outcomes discussed. The modern workplace is a distracting beast if you’re not careful, but modern meditation can help.

Our modern meditation techniques allow you to build a greater sense of awareness and focus, giving you the tools to avoid distraction as and when needed. Plus, the more practice you put in, the longer you’ll be able to concentrate for, meaning you’re switched-on during important meetings and able to feedback necessary information to your colleagues.

You become a better decision-maker

Hands-up who has experienced a dose of office politics in their working life? All of us, most likely. While we recognise that it’s often a complete waste of energy, it’s still too easy to get wrapped-up in a game of ‘guess what X said?’ or ‘did you see X’s presentation – wasn’t it awful?’ But with modern meditation, you can refine your attention to the point that you can connect fully with whatever is happening right in the moment. Not what happened in the staff kitchen yesterday, or what might happen at the annual conference next week. Just the ability to focus on what is happening right here, right now.

It’s empowering – and gives you a sense of perspective about what decisions are right for your workplace. A decisive colleague is of value to a business, as it tends to result in greater productivity.

You are not led by judgement or expectation

Every employee has a role to play in the workplace. But the trouble with modern working life is there is an expectation that we already know which roles people will play. With this closed mindset, you can often miss out on new ideas or ways of working, simply because you don’t ‘think’ a colleague can deliver. One of modern meditation’s greatest benefits is that it teaches you to banish judgements, preconceptions and expectations. If you can go into work with an open mind, you’ll find your colleagues will respond more positively to you, resulting in an overall better working culture for all.

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