What to do if your employees are stressed out

6 March 2018 | beando_admin

Long working hours and unmanageable demands are just two of the causes of workplace stress. High levels of stress not only harm our health, it harms businesses too. Stressed workers are less productive, less creative and don’t have the resilience to produce good work. So what can you, as a manager or senior member of staff, do to help? 

Firstly, you can make sure your own stress levels are in order. You must learn how to be a better manager before you can help your employees to become better workers. 

In our experience of guiding businesses through modern meditation, the following few tips make great strides in both improving a workplace environment and lowering general stress levels. The best news is, they are all easy to implement, so you can get started straightaway.

Lead by Example 

Remember the old wisdom ‘arrive before you boss, and leave after they do’? Well, in modern life, that’s just not sensible – or healthy. So if you’re the first in the office, stay late every night and answer your emails at 1am, it’s likely that you’re fostering a negative approach to your staff. Workplace burnout is a very real, very unsafe thing. If your employees follow your lead, you will be doing them a severe disservice.

As the boss, you are responsible for establishing your workplace’s culture. So make a commitment to improving your own work/life balance by working reasonable hours and enjoying your time away from work more.

Encourage Regular Breaks 

At the very least, ensure your staff are taking their lunch away from their work station. Research has shown that people tend to be more productive if their working day is divided into sections, with breaks interspersed. By allowing your team regular breaks, you’re likely to create a more focused – not to mention, less stressed – workforce.

Create a Resilient Culture

Stressed employees often lack the resilience to respond positively to difficult workplace situations. If you give your staff the coping skills they need to manage their work and their stress levels, you can prevent that stress from becoming all-consuming.

Our modern meditation course for businesses puts building resilience at its heart. Our four, six or eight-week workplace programmes work directly with your business and your employees. By using proven, practical meditation strategies, we can help to improve your staff’s focus and concentration, while improving their overall productivity.

Meditation has been found to help reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace, so take a step towards cultivating a workplace culture of wellbeing. Get in touch to book your course today.

Be Flexible 

Everybody is different, so why do many businesses still expect their staff to work a traditional 9-5 day? You could get so much more from your staff if you listen to their requests and offer some flexibility. For example, if employees have children, be open to letting them come into the office early and leave early to pick their children up from school. Let employees work from home on a schedule that suits both parties. As long as staff complete their projects on time, it shouldn’t matter about the specific hours they worked to achieve them.

We know that offering flexibility isn’t practical for all businesses, but allowing employees some flexibility in when and where they work can go a long way toward reducing staff stress. Considering millions of working days a year are lost to stress and anxiety in the UK, it’s worth investing some time to lay the groundwork for flexible working before that stress gets too much for your employees.

Find out more about our modern meditation for business course.

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