A ‘New’ You is Just YOU!

10 January 2018 | beando_admin

Now the excitement of the New Year celebrations has waned, it’s no secret that in January our thoughts turn to change and growth. 

We all want to find a better version of ourselves. We all want to find that happier, less stressed, more productive and connected version of ourselves. In fact, many of the ancient teachings tell us that this is how things are; it’s always been like this. We all seem to be hardwired towards a feeling of incompleteness, a feeling of dissatisfaction with how things are for us. In Buddhism this is called Dukkha (Pāli; Sanskrit: duḥkha; Tibetan) an important concept, commonly translated as “suffering”, “pain” or “unsatisfactoriness”.

For about five thousand years, we’ve been conscious of this internal void, our need to fill it and the suffering it causes. 

Over that time our basic challenge in life hasn’t changed. How can we find direction and purpose in life amidst all the distractions and noise? And when we find that direction, how do we then align our mind and body moment-to-moment, as fully as we can, knowing that it is where happiness resides?

The Search for a ‘Better’ Version of Yourself

A sense of lacking, incompleteness and the desire to change it is the source of all our pain and suffering, so it’s of little surprise that at this time of year feelings turn towards wanting to be something different. And that’s something different is usually ‘how can I change to a better version of myself?’

We can use this feeling to our advantage. For example, we have often described on our blog that this natural feeling of disconnection and emptiness is an advertiser’s dream. We are persuaded that consuming is the way to fill that void and tackle that feeling of unsatisfactoriness. It can be an expensive process – and one which many of us fall for time and time again.

The irony is that ‘new’ you is really not new at all. It’s just simply you! We don’t need to look for transformative impact from the outside, because it never lasts and it is often ineffective, not to mention very expensive.

Discover the Real You

Everything you need to transform, to create that new you is in fact already in your possession. In fact it already is you! All you have to do is work out a way of exploiting that sense of incompleteness and make the decision to learn modern meditation, rather than invest in pointless and expensive consumerism.

The purpose of modern meditation is to discover, experience and unify with the real you. The great news is, it’s only a moment away. You don’t need to do anything special, to go anywhere in particular or buy anything expensive. Right here, right now is where the real you is and that’s where you will find it.

Modern meditation techniques help you to know and be in those moments of direction whatever you’re doing, wherever you are. With practice, this simple technique wakes us up to a fuller, more enriching and flowing experience – your life! The life being lived by the real you…
Then one day you might just begin to discover what the real you can do: find your talents, manage stress and anxiety, open up to your creativity, intuition and nurture your inner resources for wellbeing, happiness and health. 

Our modern meditation programmes are open to individuals, businesses and educators – in fact, anybody who is looking to learn about the joy and benefits meditation can bring. There’s no better way to get started than to just ‘do’, so get in touch with us today to find out more. 

Words by: Mick Timpson 

Edited by: Katy Ratican